Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Monday 2012

Memorial Day 2012 weekend has truly fired on all cylinders and pistons as far as I'm concern. Of course the day was filled with the traditional recognition and respectful ceremonies in honor of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. The issue of war as well as all that comes with it can be debated and discussed from numerous perspectives. Attempting to figure out the "why" or "what" concerning when decisions are made about taking a country to war can be  mind boggling. At is core, we are told that its all about "our way of life." Its about "freedom" and our homeland which we must uphold while seeking to maintain some type of  world order. For myself, its the "Fog of War" that continues to perplex myself, where it seems that what we thought was truth turns out not to be factual or imperfect data that is problematic in processing. President Obama has moved to end the Middle East theatre while maintaining a Afghanistan presence yet adding to the "Kill List" of suspected terrorist that are deemed offensive to our senses. His speech was Commander in Chief pitch perfect as he addressed the challenges that the Vietnam war presented to our country and its lasting affects that to this day are as fresh as they were some five decades ago. We were reminded that the price of war can be high in both lives and treasure. Therefore as the day fills its purpose, we as a nation move on into the night remembering those who have served and welcome those home with a hearty "thanks for your service" who survived the task. Amen  

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