Monday, May 21, 2012

Next Week in Motion

WOW! What a weekend and then some. If you missed out on all that was going on, then you don't have an excuse to say that you "don't have nothing  to do in this city."  It was fast and furious by any standards which those who were participating or in attendance must have felt. COP 24/7 is always glad to see all of your faces in the places around town, but it appears that there's still room for folks to make the rounds of the local haunts. As we've made a point of stating, if we don't turn out, then there's a possibility that such places will not be there when we need them. If the local watering holes are not your fancy don't forget that there are often many charity events or other socially consciousness endeavors that may more to your liking. No matter what, it doesn't hurt to bring your mug front and center. If you catch me out and about, holla....In the meantime let's do a run through!

Strilite Kicks Some R & R

The emerging peer consumer driven group, STRILITE, kicked it Friday night ( 5/18) as they wined down from several weeks of training sessions and assorted meetings. The group has burst on the scene as apart of prevention programming of The Living Affected Corporation which has served as the "incubator" mothership of the same gender loving organization. The gents decided it was time to go "R & R" an invited supporters, allies, friends and volunteers to an impromptu pre- Memorial Day back yard BBQ at the McLaughlin & Mabin homestead in southwest Little Rock. Throughout the evening, guest noshed on assorted smoked and grilled meats, baked beans, cole slaw, nacho casserole and sauteed vegetables. As the evening progressed, music filled the air as well as the groups own micro-version of  American Idol" as participants sang Capella to their favorite tunes. Guest concluded the evening with celebratory toast the new organization and the its vision to aggressively address social determinants in relation to HIV and AIDS in central Arkansas. Afterward guest decided to finalize the evening with Club Triniti and points beyond. COP 24/7 will keep looking for more from STRILITE on its ever present radar and periscope. We congratulate them on their organizing and expect to hear more about their local efforts.

Simply Red 2012

The Simply Red event held last weekend was an interesting mix of faces and facades as local gathered to celebrate the work and programs of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation. The event kicked off  at the Rivermarket's Dizzy's Bistro which was busy with activity from volunteers, organizers and restaurant personnel. Thanks to the graciousness of the foundation, I found myself and mine in the company of my colleague D. Levi and her significant other, S. T.  We shared the evening al fresco, while we were treated to a family style menu of Italian Bolenaise and Chicken Al Fredo accompanied by toasted bruchesta after beginning with a fresh field greens nicely dressed with Balsamic Vinaigrette. Even though I was a bit off put at the procedure of the serving, each of us adjusted as we learned that the entree "bowls" were supposedly to be shared with a partner table. I found this a bit awkward especially serving a table of "four" from a portioned bowl that in my opinion only really served four. However, as the great conversations and people watching took precedence, none it really matter. There was a show featuring area entertainers including the Zia D'Yor, MGAA and Keaton Zane Paige, Mr. Gay Arkansas US of A 2011 (pictured) plus many other talented individuals dressed for the occasion and showing their support. The silent auction had an array of interesting items and some great buys that seemed to be making their way from the tables. At this post time, finally tallies on the amounts raised for the their programming were available. It was great diversion to something different before I saw many attendees doing the town at 610 and Miss Kittys. Congrats to AAF, organizers, volunteers and a special shout out to D. Tucker for sharing the love. Check Facebook for many posted pictures of the event.

Sucking Head and Eating Tail

Ah-Yee'! Wasn't heard as much as it should have been at Sunday's Annual Craw fish Boil held at the 7th Street Corridor venue, MK's. Although their was plenty of fixin's, food and foam, I couldn't tell if there were many takers during the evening event held Sunday (5/20). The area was set up for a feast, but it seemed to me that, even as me and mine was fashionably late, some folks again didn't get the memo. Of course, of those who were in attendance, I had seen not once, not twice but at least three times during the weekend at most of the events. Has Little Rock gotten so out of the circuit that only a few folks have the stamina or determination to participate in these events. I kept thinking for goodness sake, in the past this event was well attended and usually a pre-summer highlight. Even though I don't necessarily indulge in the main entree, there was also some good sausage, potatoes, and corn that had a sumptuous aroma filling the air. I don't know what to make of the lackluster turn out these days but I see it as problematic to continue to plan functions and get "so-so" interest. Why bother offering anything special, even though I keep hearing that grating mantra of "why don't we have this or that," from many folks whom I don't see at any of the offerings planned. Just what the hell is it that folks are looking for or wanting to do?  Do I have the answer, I 'm not sure. Does this get my attention, you betcha. Especially as COP 24/7 is at the center of working with the Little Rock host committee on next years NABWMT diversity convention slated for this city.  Of course, that event will have its own programming which will be open to the public, but I would hope that as that event steps off, July 24-28, 2013, all locals will be ready to welcome guest from coast to coast. As was done during the Midland Regional in 2011, our legendary Welcome to Little Rock reception will set the tone and momentum of the event. In case you missed it, we've already got a reputation of "welcoming and friendliness" that has been set. So, its all about "represent" that will be needed as we prepare to bring this convention to Little Rock for the first time in its history. Currently planning meetings are starting to take place and everyone is invited to get in on making it a happening and memorable mash-up in the city. If you are interested in being apart of this special event, hit us up at  We've got big plans and we want everyone to help make it happen!!  We are looking for in-kind gifts, sponsorships, partners and collaborators. Let's show the big girls that we are something to be reckond with!

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