Friday, May 11, 2012

Swing out Friday

Another week down and counting as COP 24/7 rolls toward that...drum roll please...our 900th post on this platform. Yes my pretties, we've been putting it out here, there and damn near everywhere in more than 100,000 words or more! Can you say wow! Well if not, I certainly can say WOW! We've covered topics from A to Z, including male circumcision issues to folks who deserve a "bitch slap" for their behavior. Its all been right here in this forum and we've had a high time bringing it to each and everyone of you. As usual I've been busy behind the scenes trying to discover new gadgets, podcasting, video and links to the next upcoming and hot thing. Keep it locked and loaded to COP 24/7 as I wing my way to post 900. You'll know when we hit the mark!!!

Condom Nation Tour ???

Earlier this week I was informed that the Condom Nation tour(  was scheduled to visit Little Rock this weekend. I didn't have all the info needed, so in true COP 24/7 fashion I went surfing in search of updates or contacts. I couldn't determined exactly who the local contact was to be, I had heard numerous names but no one could pinpoint who was spearheading the effort. Therefore, I hit up the Condom Nation website and sent an e-mail to Assistant Director James Vellequette. Mr. V responded that "they were working on the event that was almost confirmed," but that he was awaiting further details. As of Friday evening, I hadn't heard anything from him directly nor had I seen any e-blast or any other circulated info on the event. But just as we were going to post, the in-box lit up with an plea for "all hands on deck" concerning the event. It was a urget e-mail stating that the event was to step off at 4300 South University in the Denny's Parking lot. According to Regina A. Waits anyone wanting to participate had to bring their own gear with the promise that stuff would be "reinbursed" by AIDS Healthcare Foundation. All well and good, but who has access testing kits, PEMPS forms and such on a Friday night or getting prepared on a Saturday morning by 10 am. This is Little Rock and I don't see nothing moving that quickly except myself getting to my keyboards. Why this "last minute" hot mess happened is anybody's guess and I'm sure that there's yet another "see what had happen" explanation to support it. Is this where I insert the, "when we know better, we do better," mantra?  Anyway, I'm not to be out done and will do a micro condom nation on this platform with the embedded video from their website. With precious resources always in play, we certainly could always use more condoms for our safe sex kits and otherwise. In the meantime, don't forget "Sex happens, so keep it safe!"

Politcally Speaking

In 2008 I had the opportunity to do something no one else in my family has ever done or ever will most likely. I had the chance to run to be a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention which was being held in Denver. It was truly an experience as I meandered through the process in an attempt to not only learn how to b a delegate, but exactly what it took if I was selected. Unfortunately, the process was a bit more savvy and extremely well played by others who out maneuvered myself to be a delegate. I mentioned at that time that we should start a "learning lab" to began teaching individuals the ropes before the next convention being held in Charolette, North Carolina this fall. Yet, as usual nothing happened and I was told that if I though it was such a good idea that I should make it happen. Well, if I didn't get to be a delegate and was defeated as such, does it sound like I sould lead a class in anything? What did they want a class in "Looser 101?" I though that more experienced experts should be engaged and a series of sessions be offered to those interested. After all the LGBT community hasn't made many inroads into either presenting themselves as a political force nor engaged fund raisers or donors. Even though there's a perception that most gays are "upwardly mobile" I found this not to be the case in most instances. Those with those "disposable" incomes are far and few, furthermore those who have the cash seem to have found themselves caught up in the latest tech gadget or whatever status symbol that they identify themselves with. Locally there have been some good intention fund rasing, given a few hunderd here and there, but nothing that really shook the money tree. This is why many candidates are not enticed by Arkansas LGBTQ community because there's no groundswell of support or cash dash to make a difference. If we don't put up then most likely not many politicos are going to speak up for our issues or conerns. This includes any possible gay candidates. In the meantime, the Araknsas Democratic Party e-blasted this letter and COP 24/7 thought it wise to share...

Dear Friend,

The 2012 Democratic National Convention is just a few months away. This memorable experience is open to all Arkansas Democrats who wish to file to run for delegate to the Democratic National Convention, and the filing period begins next week!

In order to run, all interested candidates must complete the delegate filing form here and return it to the DPA with a contribution form and a voluntary contribution of $25 to help defer the cost of participation. Required paperwork can be submitted in person or via mail at 1300 W. Capitol Ave, Little Rock, Ark. 72201, via fax at (501) 376-8409, or via email at

The filing period opens on May 14, 2012 and closes on May 18, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. You won’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, and we encourage all registered voters who consider themselves Democrats to run for delegate or alternate to the Democratic National Convention.

There are two paths to becoming a national delegate. District Level delegates are elected the morning of the DPA special delegate state convention by their respective congressional districts. At-Large Delegates are selected in the afternoon by the whole convention. Be sure to note that candidates running for district-level delegate or alternate may only run within the congressional district in which he or she is registered to vote for the upcoming election in 2012. To verify which district a voter is registered in, please contact the county clerk in your area.

Delegates will be voted on at the DPA Special Delegate State Convention on June 16 at the Robinson Center in Little Rock, so be sure to mark your calendar with this important date.

With warmest regards,

Will Bond


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