Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Flier Edition

COP 24/7 is always on the hunt for collaborations and partnerships with content producers from around the world. Yes around the world!  As I've been producing this effort over the last five years or so, I've had the good luck to cross paths with so many wonderfully talented folks from all angles. When I started this effort, I really had no idea what I was doing., I simply wanted to try this new thing called "blogging" because I kept thinking, "what the hell is blogging?" Viola! After some 100,000 words I can honestly say that I now know what the hell blogging is and can become in one's life. Afterall, I rapidly approaching that Blog 900 level Yes that's right, 900 of them bitches and counting. With all that under my belt and riding that learning curve to new heights, COP 24/7 continues to be a beacon for some and bemoaned by others who don't want to find themselves "Topic A" of this platform. Nevertheless, our sole purpose has been to follow three three pillars of our mission, "educate, inform and empower." I've been hell bent on providing this zone as a interactive and open source for dialog. Critics aside, COP 24/7 unwittingly forged its own path to offer a communication portal that directly serves the LGBTQ community and beyond. Even though our "take no prisoners" approach often rubs some individuals raw, our talking out loud and calling it as I see is my hallmark and I stand by it. Therefore, COP 24/7 churns onward and upward with bringing our unique brand of news, views, links and discovery of great content from across the web. One such contributors is National Association of Black and White Men Together media winner Herndon Davis who is a multi-media producer. He's kicking it with videos, composing articles and all manner of communicating with his public. This current video appears courtesy of YouTube and it features Guiding Light actress Tina Sloan and her latest project of a one woman show, "Changing Shoes." Its a great interview and Sloan offers some interesting insights into careers, life and loving your self. This could be a great show that should stop through our area. Anybody got any ideas of how to make this happen? Well at least think about it. Thanks Herndon and look for more his dynamic work here at COP 24/7!

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