Friday, May 18, 2012

TRIBUTE to the Legacy

The Musical Crayons of Donna Summer

I had another one of those moments where I had to hit the life pause button and remember that each and every day is precious because we are only promised so few of them. The sudden passing of Donna Summer caught everyone by surprise and as many of you, I too lived and loved her soaring as well as sultry voice that was another musical backdrop to my journey's soundtrack. As I searched the files of my memory on what life was serving me during that time, it was her freeing and music in motion lift that often left me breathless. But despite all the trappings of being the "Disco Queen," what should be made clear is the fact that Summer was a bonafide artist, composer, lyricist and above all a great singer. Although know for propelling this disco beat, she had lots of music that crossed many boundaries. From inspirational which earned her a Grammy to her Nashville days still creating music, Donna Summer should not just be remembered for the fluff but also the anthems for working women, which she one stated was based on her observation of a hotel housekeeper whom saw "working hard for the money." For myself I always likened her "State of Independence" cut as a funky cosmic nod to the cause of global human equality and even her Christmas CD is one of the most played in my house during the holiday season. It seemed to me that her music always included a keen eye on the pulse of what was going on around her personally and professionally. I sensed it, embraced it and damn near practically lived by her siren call as many around did as well on Saturday nights when I embodied being on "Sunset" or the toot, toot, beep, beep of the "Bad Girl" mantra. Unfortunately I never got to see Summer in concert except those wonderful video or her appearances on the breakthrough musical showcase the Midnight Special.  Long live Donna Summer and rest in peace. Your musical legacy has been firmly established and it will forever be playing somewhere in the back of mind and most likely many others.

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