Friday, February 01, 2013

COP 24/7 Continues to Exhale

Just where did January go is what this forum keeps thinking. Wow, is this an indication that things seem to be speeding up or are we now simply on overdrive auto pilot? No matter what the velocity, there's plenty of "what's really going" that will make it way to this page. It's getting harder and harder to choose just what will make the cut. Earlier this year, yeah last month, I cited that I would attempt to streamline items with a sorta "express" attitude of brevity with punch. Yet this is just not the case for some items that need that "extra" space to either develop the content or offer the impact of the piece. No matter, COP 24/7 will do what it does best in keeping it coming in one form or another. So stay tuned for the unexpected or highly anticipated coverage of the who, what, when and where of everything going on as the world turns. If you are not following us, please do so, the more eyeball the better. Don't forget to tell ya friends...let's go get em.

Oh Say Can you hear Haters

With the mighty Super Bowl hype in high gear amidst all the "conspiracy theories" about whether it was some type of national disgrace that mega watt star Beyonce decided to lip sync at last month's inaugural, she stepped to the plate on Thursday during her press conference to set the record straight. After singing the national anthem "live" and acapella, there was a collective "oh no she didn't" from folks from A to Z. In a matter of fact ending, she quipped, "any questions?" That being what you heard during the "presidential event" is just what the performer belted out during her press conference with out any props. Enough said. Mrs. Jay-Z went on to close the matter that "she was a perfectionist," outling that time, weather and circumstances became concerns and she decided to do what she thought was best for the perfect performance. Ladies and Gents, over and out. Lady B aka "Sasha Fierce" has spoken and left the room for the Sunday nights performance. Check you local listing for the half time show and the game that comes with it.

Walk the Night in the Rock

In case you haven't been out in awhile and from the looks of things, many of you have not. The local venues have been furiously scheduling everything from holiday nights to theme nights for your good time pleasure. In attempt to stay in engaged, I make the rounds with attempts to scatter my visits from happy hour weekdays to weekends. Yet as I scour our "fruit loop" of bars, I'm getting a distinct picture of the "same folks moving from one place to another," pattern. Yes, I found a few new faces here and there but I'm not sensing any "growth" to our scene. Of course I'll throw in that seasonal ebbing and flowing after the holidays and such, maybe individuals are getting their tax matters in order or I'll take the stretch that some are "cleansing" for a period. Well...alright maybe not. Anyway what I'm seeing and I'm hearing from a few of you is the fact that some feel that there's too much personnel change, while others have waxed on that they have become "bored." As for myself and mine, we are not sure what to make of it. We certainly attempt to be cordial as possible, but find that folks hanging out simply will not open their mouths to do the simple "Hello," to strangers or otherwise. As for you that bored, don't forget that you maybe apart of the "boring index." Just saying....

On the other hand, I can't tell you how many visitors cite that they do not feel welcomed or "wanted" for that matter. Usually they have a beverage and find themselves vamping onto some where else with a quickness. Another oddity that has started to naw at myself and God knows who else is the persistent showing of cartoons. As far as I'm concern they have very little appeal or add to the atmosphere. I usually try to stay engaged in some type of reasonable conversation or train of thought if I can find any in the room.  I realize that they are suppose to be of "adult" content but in my opinion, this sends a series of odd signals about the venue and the continuous use of this video distraction as entertainment. Here's an idea, how about a home grown series of video clips using past events, future events, historical references or wow, maybe a 30 second HIV message piece featuring bar personnel or others? I know that music videos are sort of old news, but they are an alternative as well.

 I know we've got all kinds of video talented folks who could come up with source material that could be a lot more entertaining. I've seen this in other bars across the country as they "mix and match" their own produced content inter weaved with all manner of cute stuff. It just might be an alternative. On the other hand, the other quick upbeat notion that could help aleve some of the boredom could be personnel versed in not only what's happening in the city but knowledgeable about how a variety of topics that could engage patrons. I realize that the job is about the selling the product but exactly how many times does one have to keep asking me "If I need another drink, when you just got me one five minutes ago." Alright this is where some readers will say, "hey it is what it is," and they'd be correct but that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. Others would say you could always stay home, and that would be an option, but why join all the other folks doing that already. I like the art of the mix and mingle, so that's really not a real alternative unless I do it somewhere else. Therefore, its all boils down to thinking about the situation and then do something about it....

Prize Closet Opened to "Crickets!"Earlier this week we proposed to offer a prize for a fast fact about our item on "HIV Infections Decline for African American Women." The question was: "what is the base line goal for decreasing new HIV infections by 2015?" The first correct answer was to get some swag from our prize closet. COP 24/7 got nothing more than "crickets" from our readers. That's right no one decided that a $100 was worth taking the time to forward their answer. So, the the prize goes back into the closet and we will pull out something else with our next outing.

Hey folks, you just never know what will fall out of the closet! To make things interesting and to celebrate the launch of AHPG's FB page, will be asking that all answers be posted to  When our next questions or task is chosen, we will check to determine who hits us up first in order to claim the prize. If no one wins or shout's out, then we will increase the prize package next week. Stay tuned because you just never know when your chance to win will roll around. Come follow us at COP 24/7, if you're not doing it, why not???

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