Thursday, February 28, 2013

Which Way Did They Go Thursday?

Staying abreast of the community pulse can be a daunting one, if not down right treacherous!However, as we go about our day of assessing what will make the cut, COP 24/7 does it damnest to discern between "fact and fantasy." Basically because there's lots of loose lips a lying all over town. Its just amazing that folks just can't wait to share their latest and greatest next lie about whatever they believe that you might take as truth. Meanwhile there a those who live for "lip service" and no not that kind of service but rather folks who are "all talk and no action." You know the types that are always going to do "this or that" but never seem to be about doing nothing. Enough already! We all are living busy lives and trying to just hold our ground. Therefore, I'm personally over the folks wasting my time or invading my space with their poor sense of self. Ultimately, we all responsible for "ourselves" and the actions that we choose to undertake. Of all the valuable lessons I've learned over the decades, I cling to the adage that "if you don't stand for something, most likely you will fall for anything." COP 24/7 is all about keeping it real now and lets work!

Vagina's A-Go-Go

In case you've missed it and for some reasons I believe that many of you did. There's some "politicking" going on in the city. Yes the Arkansas legislation is barn storming on our local Capitol Hill creating all type of head shaking madness and mayhem for all the world to see. Arkansas has made national news so many times in the past few weeks that could make one hope that no none is listening. However that's just not the case and Arkansas's legislative maneuvers have not gone unnoticed by none other than MSNBC policy babe Rachel Maddow.( ) She has been "Johnny on the spot"with her coverage of the "war on women, part 2,3, or 4" that seems to ranging in state capitals across the country.Locally we've been front and center to the likes of "vagina monitors" Representative Andy Mayberry and Senator Jason Rapert who just believe that its their duty to legislate such matters. They believe that allowing women the right to choose their reproductive decisions are just in their best interest.

Therefore they believe it is their duty to fine every possible obstacle to thwart any chance of getting an abortion in Arkansas. All of these abortion actions would make Arkansas the eighth state  to enact a near-ban on abortions starting in the 20th week of pregnancy, and by next week it could outlaw most procedures from the 12th week onward, which would give it the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

The Republican-led Senate voted 19-14 along party lines to override Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe's veto of a bill barring most abortions starting in the 20th week of pregnancy that was based on the disputed notion that a fetus can feel pain by that point. The Arkansas House voted to override the veto Wednesday. A simple majority was needed in each chamber.
That law, which took effect immediately but which will likely be challenged in court, includes exemptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. What's so crazy about all this is did no one consider the U.S. Supreme Court's "Roe vs. Wade" ruling as a factor that surely will have opponents "lawyering up" to empty the states lawsuit coffers? So at what high dollar expense route will this lunacy take and meanwhile the states taxpayers will be probed for the dollars to do a payout. Can no one stop this madness...???

VAWA passes House, with full protections for LGBT, Native Americans

The House of Representatives passed the Violence Against Women Act, extending abuse protections to gay, lesbians, and transgender people, as well as Native Americans and immigrants.
The bill passed 286 to 138, with the support of 87 Republicans; it will now move to the president’s desk to be signed. A GOP substitute bill that left out protections for Native communities and LGBT people was defeated 166 to 257.

Democrats criticized Republicans for passing the bill the day before the sequester hits. Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md said the automatic cuts would “take a sledgehammer” to programs supporting domestic violence victims. “This is shameful,” she said.
The previous VAWA, which created a National Domestic Violence Hotline and authorized federal funding for battered women’s shelters, expired in 2011. It was written by Vice President Joe Biden while he was in the Senate.

Under the current law, funding will continue for shelters and programs that prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence and sexual assault. New additions to the bill address stalking, spyware, and video surveillance. The bill specifically ensures that LGBT, Native American, and immigrant victims can access services and protections, including grants and legal aid.

The bill also gives greater jurisdiction to tribal courts to prosecute sexual offenders who aren’t Native Americans, but commit crimes against Native Americans or on the reservation. Rape on reservations is very high; 34% of American Indian and Alaska Native women will be raped in their lifetimes.

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