Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stop to Love on V-Day 2013

So Just What Do We Do On Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by all types of couples, including gay men, lesbians or what ever your flava!

Valentine’s Day is a day used to celebrate your love for another person, usually your partner. When you think of Valentine’s Day, what gifts come to mind for gay men, lesbians, couples or even those unattached folks? COP 24/7 has a few ideas but also wanted our readers to feel our love with this post.

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 Flowers and a romantic dinner in one of Little Rock's fine hottest spot perhaps? A lot of people have trouble coming up with ideas. Your partner is unique and you know them best. With that said, what are some good gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever?

Here are a few ideas ranging from the practical and funny, to the sexy and sentimental:
  • Engraved shot glass
  • Silky boxers with hearts on them
  • Personalized golf balls
  • Engraved coffee mug
  • Monogrammed shirt
  • Matching t-shirts
  • Chocolates in a heart-shaped box
  • Gay cartoon men pillowcases
  • A tie
  • Flowers
  • CD of your songs
  • New cell phone
  • Sex toys
  • Pride gifts such as rainbow t-shirts or stickers
  • Homemade dinner by you!
  • Movie tickets
  • Dance lesson for the two of you!
  • Couple's Massage - this is a great "at the house" gift that could keep on giving.
  • 'Prescription for Love'
  • Personalized shot glass
Your partner will appreciate your gesture. Taking the time to get to know then in the first place will help you get an idea of what they really enjoy! What will you get your partner this year

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