Friday, February 22, 2013

The COP 24/7 Friday Spin Down

As the Red Carpet awaits the Hollywood A-List and beyond, COP 24/7 rolls outs it own information carpet to keep our readers "on point" with what's really going on and more. Don't forget that COP 24/7 has been the LGBTQ info portal now in our seventh year of news, updates, links, video, podcast and breaking news. If you are not following us, then why not? You can do it today by subscribing, opt-in e-mail or take us with you as COP 24/7 is accessible on your mobile device! Its all here, so don't be left out of the info loop!!!

Rainbow Politics 101

Earlier this week COP 24/7 launched a "citizen's alert" concerning legislative bills and other issues that should be of concern to the LGBTQ community and beyond. It is my goal as Executive Producer to be committed to providing the most up to date and concise information which often requires not only our immediate attention, but a "call to action." All to often I've found that even though there exist a dedicated core group of advocates and activist, it it vitally imperative that the greater "gay community" become more actively engaged, take time to consume and digest information disseminated, volunteer where needed and above all share your personal treasure if you can not add your voice to the making a different chorus. These devoted persons just can't do this alone.

Although COP 24/7 has cited the inequity of our local infrastructure compared to other organized groups, this does not preclude utilizing what's available in the swirl of having a forward looking vision to what's needed. To that point, we need skilled and compensated individuals, strengthening as well as cultivating our networks, additional capacity building to support those interested, more monitoring mechanisms and dedicated leadership capable of working across the LGBTQ aisle and otherwise. Ultimately, no matter what apparatus is created or not, the true power of social justice work relies on the groundswell of energetic "voices" and agitated attitudes about policies and laws being rushed to passage. The House Bill 1185 (therapeutic substitutions)  hit the ground running being filed moved through committee and is now on its way to being heard on the floor. All of this in about a four week time frame of the session catching consumers and concerned citizens in a catch-up mode.

Consequently, if we are not aware then we find ourselves allowing individuals to make choices for us, about us, without us. It don't cost you nothing to come sit at the table but may cost you much if your concerns are not considered by other folks sitting at the table. COP 24/7 challenges the LGBTQ community to share your concerns or comments with this platform. If you've got solutions or observations then lets hear them. Think about it. In the mean time, our citizen alert continues. Please contact your Representatives and Senators about HB 1185( ) or other topics that you warrant important. COP 24/7 has provided handy links and here's another: .

Springtime Luncheon in NWA

The grass in changing from its drab winter brown to a lively green and the flowers are beginning to bud as the evidence of Springtime is in the air. Join us today for great fellowship and good food at Brian Crane’s home in Springdale, March 2. This months potluck social will have a Springtime theme and you are encouraged to be creative and bring a dish to share with others. HINT: you can bring an old favorite just give it a zippy spring name. For directions you may call Michael at 479-466-6453

Oscar Fundraising
EJFA Tops Multi-Million Dollar Mark

 The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) has reached the historic milestone of having raised more than $300 million for HIV prevention, treatment, advocacy, and anti-stigma programs across the globe. Please read more about this achievement and how EJAF’s fundraising has made a difference around the world:

“After 20 years of doing this work, I know that the only way to fight against AIDS is by helping everyone in need, especially those living at the margins of society,” said Sir Elton John. “I’m so grateful to all our donors, whose generosity has allowed us to support dozens of innovative organizations that provide critical services to the most stigmatized populations around the world. These organizations are doing work that governments refuse to do, and helping people that governments refuse to help. I’m proud and honored to support them. And even though our foundation has reached this wonderful milestone, there is so much more work to be done.”

We are profoundly grateful to all of our generous supporters and friends for making this incredible milestone possible. 


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