Monday, February 11, 2013

The Forward Lean Monday

Arkansas HIV Planning Group Reaches Out

The Arkanas HIV Planning Group, a collaborative partner with the Arkansas Department of Health's HepC HIV Section agreed during its recent meeting last Friday, Feb.8 to schedule remote meeting in other outlying areas of the state. The group will undertake visiting such cities are Marianna in April and subsequently Lake Village mid year. Meanwhile the group will continue leveraging the usage of its teleconferencing abilities in an effort to connect PWLWA, providers, allies and other stakeholders. The away meetings will engage invited locals to further understand the mission and vision of the group as it monitors the implementatoin of the state's Jurisdictional plan for high impact programming and activities around HIV and AIDS. After a 2012 revival, AHPG has retooled with substantive bylaws, voting issues resolved and move forward wtih completing a comprehensive plan that was merged with additional ADH input to create the state plan. In another supportive move the group's leadership signed off on a letter of concurrence concerning the plan which would be forwarded to the Centers for Disease Control. The newly adapted schedule will be posted to this forum as the final details are announced. Currently the group also has established a web presence on Facebook to share vital HIV related information, organizational updates and contact informatoin. Go to for more information. 

OnTrack Keeps on Trucking

As a content provider that being a person who "creates" or produces the items viewed on this platform, I fully understand the amoung of time and effort it takes to get this shit done. Yeah, I said it. One has to be devoted not to mention committed to keep putting out any publication or form of media whether it be hard copy or digital.Therefore I wanted to give big props to the management of Traxs for putting it out there while offering its patrons and community a forum to learn about activities and other interesting items. If nothing else, the "gang" at all of the venues just take that "we won't quit" attitude in planning and executing all manner of showmanship. The Rupaul Drag Race nights are graced by a the likes of "Miss Laura," Alexia and Sashay Away. Trust me, you just never know what these folks will do next! The  If you have not seen it, you can see it on its group Facebook page under the heading Our Gang. Take a look and be sure to give them a shout on or either that all important "like." Tell you heard about it here first.

Energy Costs Burning Your Budget? March 15,
Learn Money-Saving Tips

CenterPoint Energy will host a free event in Little Rock next month on how to take control of your energy use and save money. The workshop will cover ways similar businesses are saving money on energy costs, increasing productivity and profits with energy efficiency and the impact of new government regulations in 2013. As a homeowner I consider my domicile as a "small business." With this in mind I've taken the bull by the horns to improved not only my carbon footprint but joined Entergy's Summer Levelization program which will "cycle" my usage during high peak periods. To add to my concern about energy consumption I also upgraded my home's heating and cooling systems with a more energy efficient unit. Also I've decided to gararge my SUV as often as possible and use my smaller car that not only uses less gas but gets better milage too boot. And finally I'm moving to use as much online billing while reducing how many bills I get in my mail boxes. If I can do it digitally, I'm all in. Its up to all of us to be responsible the environment and making the world a better place before we leave it. Don't forget to do your part!
The event is Friday, March 15, from 10:30 a.m.-1:45 p.m. at the Tom Glaze Auditorium, 1 Allied Dr., Building 3. Lunch will be provided. Register by contacting Sarah Amspacher at or 501.221.4038.


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