Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Middle of Week Out Post

Community Meet &Greet Outcomes

Last Sunday (4/6) a Community Meet & Greet was hosted at Trax's as a zone for individuals to come together to not only do some of what was the usual but take a moment to understand that we can co-coexist in a mutual space and viola, have a little fun. Although agendas were dissuaded from being a
centerpiece, it was not outright banned either. However, the impetus of the entire event was just a good evening for those looking to have a good plate of food, beverages of your choice and a chance to perhaps be a prize winner.

Doesn't sound like much, but from all indications most in attendance felt that they had stumbled into something that might have a chance of growing into a possibility of something more. It was not designed as a "I like A over B but don't do C" event, but was the end result of engaging the exuberance and out of the box thinking of bartender Aaron Garcia.(pictured)

He simply said to me," I want to do something to help bolster interest and sales," as any good tipped employee would do. And so we went for it. And come Monday morning, I had real Pharrell "Happy" feel good attitude about it all similar to what they say you should feel when giving back to your community.

To that point a few folks reminded me that I was known as trying to bring folks together whether for a cause or circumstance. I had to pause on that but it did have some truth to it.  I was further reminded of this in my home office of a poster that cited that in April 2007 I had also been trying to do some of this same work in no less the same venue. Wow, how times flies by especially when you began to take time to evaluate the "then," and "now," aspect of you life. As I reflected on that poster, much ran through my mind as it should.

Especially those who, what, why and when is enough questions that every foot solider has to eventually ask themselves. I have to fully admit that after almost three decades in some form or fashion of advocating, participating, and all manner of "meeting and greeting," one has to take stock of their impact not to mention effectiveness in such matters. The proverbial question is "when is it enough?" 

Culminating all of this is the fact that this year as the tenth year for COP 24/7, also plays a significant element in making future plans as to being involved in community matters. I'm encouraged with the emerging set of leaders who are coming into their own and making their own waves into the deep end of the advocacy pool. Ultimately the Sunday take away was the fact that there is a continuing need for such "meeting and greeting," where we learn that we really need to embrace each other for not only our diversity but re-learning at the core we are all "people who need people."



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