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Zip Line into a Slip Stream 1.0

Alright we did it. We joined the legion of sites as well as others in the April Fool's day mayhem that had some folks not knowing  what the heck was going on. As Executive Producer, I thought that this might would be a fun diversion amidst all the maddening noise or the next breaking news that get's that 24/7 coverage. So we digressed for a moment but now its back to the Big Chair with the what made the cut this outing. With that said, let's dive in shall we....

Affordable Care Act Roars to 7.1 Million Capacity

Whew is all I can say after Monday's final countdown to educating and or enrolling individuals into the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is glory be!

Especially after listening to President Obama with VP Biden in earshot that somehow, some way Americans came on through topping out at 7.1 Million. Who knew!  VP Joe Biden's demeanor and face told it all with his ear to ear grin and animated gestures of elation.

POTUS was direct in his remarks that as a developed country in the western hemisphere why would we not want health care coverage for its citizens.

A question that as a licensed In-Person Assister I boldly and adamantly questioned as well. And I abhor the thought that even after the coverage of lines of folks, crashing website and late night enrollments , Rep. Paul Ryan's latest budget "vision," talks about dismantling the ACA, cutting the SNAP program and reducing Medicare to a block grant/ voucher program. Does this guy not have a clue?  Give it a rest fella and let's move on the making the country a better place.

As I spoke with an array of individuals who were doing there version of the American dream that their every day lives were not being slackers, entitlement bound but rather trying to survive in a land of much income injustice and wealthy individuals who seek to buy policy influence to serve their interest. Despite often working full time jobs, most could not afford health care premiums in conjunction with the daily living expenses and have no extra to sway politicos or a desire to do so. Many of these same folks were not aware that Arkansas's legislators were wheeling and dealing to keep our private option in play or vital their voices were needed to add to the chorus of those whom held our breathe as the measure worked it's way through the process.

For my self this entire experience not only put me directly in touch with my fellow citizen that I would otherwise not meet but gave me a greater understanding that "American exceptionalism" can be viewed through many lenses. All the people I dealt with had exceptional qualities that gave them a sense of self. I was very proud that my advocacy work was value added through the ACA which allowed me to directly engage many in the LGBTQ construct about making your choice to participate in the program. Although there was some push back concerning the program as well as those who didn't mind sharing their viewpoint about our democratic elected leader, I have no regrets for those exchanges. Such interactions continues to educate myself as to the diverse opinions and or attitudes that permeate our community.

From hearing the act translated into Chinese and Korean to hearing the heartbreaking stories of person's who have seen a doctor since high school, I am cautiously hopeful that now that this phase has been accomplished, what happens in the "coverage to care" aspect. Especially since that back room dealing essentially killed off over some 500 guides who assisted with enrollments and many of the agencies will only follow through to complete their contracts with a tidy ending. Therefore, those who still may have questions, issues or challenges will have to resort to whatever the Arkansas Insurance Department can muster to address without the additional support from those assistant.

If you were trying to enroll by the March 31 enrollment deadline for coverage in 2014 and didn’t finish, you may still be able to get covered.  Here are tips to help you finish your enrollment. To ensure you have health insurance by May 1, you must complete your enrollment by April 15.
There are three ways to complete your health insurance enrollment. You can enroll by phone, online and in person. I'm still available at 349-7777 for questions or assistance until around May 31.

Save the Date Alerts!!!: Updates

COP 24/7 has learned that there's much going on in the Argenta District this weekend. Not only is the new Layman Library opening on Saturday with a full day of activities, also we've learned that on Sunday, April 6, Clinton is attending a fundraiser for former North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays, who is seeking the Second District Congressional seat.

The Hays fundraiser starts at 5 pm at the Argenta Community Theater in North Little Rock and the cost to attend is $250.  Now why is this important is because there is also a Community Meet & Greet scheduled for TRAX's, 6-8 pm which was planned without the knowledge of the big political show next door.

Therefore parking may be at a premium to say the least. So please be aware and plan accordingly. Don't let this deter you, you  and yes you too from turning out for fellowship. free food, door prizes and Service Industry Night beverage pricing on beverages. Watch all platforms for updates and additional information.

PFLAG Little Rock Meeting – April 4, 2014
CAR 800 Scott St. (inside First Presbyterian)

Parents, Family, Friends of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People.

Topic will be Religion and the LGBTQ community. Possibly a guest speaker. Pot luck, nothing fancy. Chips, dip, casserole, dessert (like my cookies from my Kroger oven). We'll provide drinks and ice.

Don't forget that there are plenty of activities coming around the bend, stay locked and loaded to COP 24/7 for a complete listing throughout the rest of the week. Follow us on Facebook!


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