Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Red Door Announces 2014 Award Winners

Congratulations to The Red Door Foundation Inc. on their recent announcement concerning their
2014 Flame Thrower Award Honorees who will be honored during the group's annual gala, June 7 in Memphis, Tennessee. These individuals will be honored formally in the following categories:

Community- Chirs Sinnock, LCSW- St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Medicine- Dr. Marye Bernard- Adult Special Care Clinic
Public Health- Anthony E. Fox, MS- Mississippi Department of Health
Leadership- Rudolph H. Carn- NAESM, Inc.
Religion- Reverend Edwin C. Sanders, II
Organization "Unity" Award- Young Brothers United- Nashville (BU Network, Inc.)

You can read bios and purchase tickets at www.trdfmemphis.com. The Red Gala & Silent Auction is an official event of the Saving Ourselves Symposium 2014: I Am Enough #SOS2014 #thereddoorfoundation

LearnTelehealth.org | South Central Telehealth Resource Center

The South Central Telehealth Resource Center (SCTRC) serves Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. It functions primarily through a new website that will work in partnership with the Center for Distance Health’s Training Center based at UAMS. The resource center website, www.learntelehealth.org, targets health care and health education groups that have an interest in using telehealth. The SCTRC is part of a network of Telehealth Resource Centers providing telehealth consultation, programmatic knowledge and hands-on training.
The South Central Telehealth Resource Center is made possible by HRSA Grant Number 1-G22-RH-20215.
The SCTRC focuses on telehealth education and peer interactions online. The SCTRC also conducts hands-on training in its training center or on-site. According to the entities webpages there are free educational opportunities and additional information. As the world goes "mobile" this approach could be instrumental in reaching out to rural areas while dealing with HIV and AIDS or other health disparities. COP 24/7 will keep updating as this field continues to grow into a vital healthcare provider across the state. More than 3,296 medical professionals and 300 community anchor institutions received training on using telehealth equipment through this program to date.
Huffington Post City Loves Big on Little Rock
Writer Grant Stevens recently showed my home town some love with a nifty item in which he stated, "Recently we gave you a small taste of Little Rock, Ark., with an Instagram tour, and this week we're back with an overview of the city for our CityLove series. What struck me when talking with folks from Little Rock was that though they're cheerleaders for their own neighborhoods, they spent just as much time -- if not more -- promoting the work of other neighborhoods. So while we focus on three specific neighborhoods, there are many more." Although his piece was from a preservation angle, I would agree that as far as "preservations" goes, yes the areas that he cites are certainly great examples. However, I am not always so cheerful as to the other part of the city that are not getting all the love that they deserves including my own neck of the woods in Southwest Little Rock. Of course I often find myself here or there across the city usually without much attitude. Yet I can't help but be amazed at all the commerce, build out and all manner of new amenities that are being heaped elsewhere but it definitely not reaching all areas such as South Central where I grew up and watched houses that once had households, not falling in on themselves. On a recent Saturday, I was dismayed at the amount of abandoned homes, weed lots and condemned properties that filled the landscape. It was discouraging to learn that despite civic wrangling about these conditions, socio-economics is the culprit as this neighborhood withers on the city vine. It would be great if Mr. Stevens had made the point that these gleaming areas gets tax favors, block grant and other funding streams that don't reach back to dealing with outdates housing stock or lack of commercial infusion. I watch the city board meetings and fully understand that the city has grappled with many of these problems as well as the reality that "big money" chases those with more disposable cash or other means to consume from cute shops, trendy restaurants, and other hot spots that can't find favor in a less than desirable location. It's very clear that these neighborhoods can get a "Sharks" eatery but not a "Chili's." So as Mr. Stevens raves about those areas, he didn't get a chance to see the "other Little Rock," that is home to many who would love to have some energy and freshness to their areas as well.
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