Friday, October 13, 2006

The Body Politic Podcast 2 Explodes!

Here we grow again! Welcome to our second and expanded podcast on The Body Politic. As the technology evolves so does our revolution to keep posting the latest in commentary, community info, links and special events.Just click the EVOCA player, adjust your volume and enjoy! Our next video will feature a music video from the ultimate Disco diva, Sylvester, so dont' forget to tune in plus teel some friends! To continue the celebration of GLBT History month and this new podcast comes our first triva contest question for a FREE gift. The first correct answer will win...get ready...set..go!

1. Our updating video presentation on GLBT History month began with what international pioneer?

Do you know?, send to:!

2 Billion people on the earth have no access to clean water.
2.8 Billion people are without basic health care.
41% of people living with HIV/AIDS reside in the south.
Think about it...

Check out these new community links for additional info and updates:

NorthWest Arkansas GLBT Community Center

Diversity Pride Weekend

Coming Soon: Product Reviews from, Ugly Betty Rocks, Queen's Christmas

"What have you done today to feel proud!"

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anAmerican Prophet said...

I just love what you have done, maybe we can chit-chat about getting The Body Politic on the air. I have been in communication with AirAmerica - Little Rock, however, I need to find some sponsors for to cover the 800 a month production cost aka 200 & hour fee for one hours worth of broadcast time.