Friday, October 27, 2006

Shooting from the Hip!...Part 1

I actually remember the Go-Go 80's, lived through the hyper 90's and have prepared myself for the warp speed of the 21st century by not only creating this blog site, but partnering with other mediums such as video or audio, to give my readers a one stop online destination for news and infotainment. Of course there are so many topics and news items that catch my attention that I can't cover them all. But I thought this post will be a catch all of who's hot, what's not and let's not, as we shoot from the hip about pop culture's latest going's on!

From Shoot 1: Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera is a quirky, smartly written, off shoot from the world of tele novellas commonplace throughout Latin America. The evolving character of "Betty" has been re-created to universally fit into cultures of accompanying countries. Her redemptive qualities reverberate to all who come in contact with her. The supporting cast, especially Vanessa L. Williams as uber-corporate climber Wilhemina Slater, is an excellent foil added to the mix and Mark Idelicato who plays Justin, Betty's Nanthan Lane bound brother. Great Fun on ABC,(Thursday), check your local time.

Coming out of Shoot 2: In case you didn't know, local establishments, The Factory and Sidetracks nightclubs have added the next level in the tech craze. Sidetracks has a new Yahoo group listing for messaging and announcements. The bar is also offers FREE internet "wireless" connections. Meanwhile, The Factory has a new TEXT circle, where you get text message updates on events and specials. I suggest that you get the hook up and check out these new platforms. Tell them you heard it first!

Boys, Books, Oh My!: October has been a stellar coming out month as we are priviledge to two, yes two! books from those who have found there way from the closet. Up first, Jim McGreevey, is still making headlines with Alpha male "Confessioins" tell-all about his hide and seek adventures in heterosexual land. The former politician now states that he is for civil unions after being vocally oppose to them as apart of his cover as New Jersey's top man. Personally I believe that Mr.McGreevey deserves the Lavender Flip-Flop award for new understanding in gay politics. Meanwhile, Reichen Lehmkuhl is purging his soul with, "Here' What We'll say..a Memoir.." spilling the beans on his Pre-Don't Ask- Don't Tell romp in the U. S. Air Force. Lehmkul admits to nefarious going on's including a personal gang rape he suffered and the unfortuante death threats that have followed the books publishing. I have'nt had a chance to read any full excerpts but his media tour is in full swing with both Lance Bass and body guards in tow!

From the NOT HOT shoot: Politicos in the mid-term elections are still gay baiting the electorate with the non-issue of gay adoption, foster childcare and civil unions. These desperate candidates, Hutchinson, Holt, etc are trying to play to their bases with these subjects that have already been decided by the courts or past votes. These candidates get the "Gay Shame on You Award" for rhetorical incitement and bottom feeding during a campaign.

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