Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vote 2006...Don't Believe the hype

We hope you have been enjoying our new expanded Podcasts! You will always find a savvy mix of music, commentary, information and links for the GLBT community and beyond. We encourage sharing our pods with your friends. If you have news, opinions, or commentary, we would love to hear from you. E-mail us at Nealix101@comcast.net

The Mid-term elections are only weeks away and we would like to share our endorsement for your consideration. After reviewing campaign material and researching voting records we have decided that the following candidates would be accessible to the GLBT community at large. Even though these candidates get a vote of confidence from us, we feel that cultivating relationships with office holders is paramount for the community. For too long we have not utilized this approach. Our elected officals must hear from us in mass to affect change or demonstrate our concern about issues. If you don't know who represents your area, don't hesitate...Educate your self today!

Governor: Mike Beebe
Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (my vote for best commericals)
State Treasurer. Martha Shoffner
Attorney General: Dustin McDaniel
U.S. Congress: Vic Synder
Little Rock Mayor: Mark Stodola

Early voting is suggested. You can get additional information from your County Clerks office. General Election is November 7, don't forget to send a message with your vote.
Links: www.votepulaski.net
Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas

Perfection we are not. Our podcast info on the HIV/AIDS Care conference was incorrect. The conference will be held at the Peabody Hotel, 3 Statehouse Plaza Need more info? contact: Dr. Michelle Smith, E-mail: msmith9x@aol.com or 870.534.3448, ext.106

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