Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Are you scared enough...?

All Hallows Eve, best known as Halloween has become big business with retailers, costume shops and venues that participate in the merry making. According to analyst this holiday rivals Christmas with a Billion dollar injection to the economy that reverberates nationwide. I have fond memories of Halloween's past and enjoy seeing some the the creative costumes that come from the demented minds of the community. Of course the GLBT collective has a "take no prisoners" approach to skewing popular culture unilaterally as well as without remorse.
However, as we indulge in the holiday we must also be reminded that there are actually real entities and homegrown forces that we should be monitoring closely. Their motives, tatics, and core bases seek to accelerate platforms and doctrines that could affect us overall. I can see this clearly in this year's mid-term elections, which have again demonstrated that "fear mongering" and gay baiting is still a weapon used by candidates such as Andy Mayberry, Jim Holt and others who choose to demean our existence by affirming inflamatory rhetoric and manipulated facts. The issues of Civil Unions or adoption have been deamonized by a host of Family and God organizations, authors and evangilist like Pat Robinson who purport to have the ultimate hook up with the almightly. My dear reader, we have much to be scared about as pockets of protesters have reached the depths of distaste by equating our lifestyles with the deaths of military personnel who have boldly given the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of an entire nation. This type of highjacking is not only mean-spirited but seriously dangerous once embraced. As a global citizen, I respect the right to civil unrest and peaceful protest, but I can't accept the insensitivity and reprehensible methods promoted by such groups. Each day polarizing moral messages and condemnation continues to poision our abilities to heal as one nation united. Consequently as a community, abdicating our responsiblity to the philosophy that "some one else will take care of it," is soundly unacceptable and foolish at best. Therefore, let the darkness fall with the sounds of clicking heels, bawdy laughter and howling jubilee in celebration of the many mask that will be worn, however, let us not forget that we must be dilligent in un-masking those whom gather at the altar of hate. Happy Halloween 2006!

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