Thursday, October 12, 2006

Come out, Come out where ever you are...!

National Coming Out Day came and went. Locally there was a celebration at an area park with a poetry slam and other merry making. However, I'm begining to question the revelance or it's significance in the context of our community. I don't believe such a day existed as I pursued a deeper understanding of this complicated point in my evolution. At that time there were no visual role models, just a stark reality that anyone different from the status quo would be subjected to being ostracized. I can't forget the distinct fervor of a backhand face slap from my misunderstanding father, reacting to his opinionated son who he branded a sissy. It was a defining moment in our relationship juxtaposed to the many more awful circumstances I would later hear. I became involved in the local movement effort in 1983 and began learning an empowering history that would impact my life for forever. I embrace progress but,unfortunately the 21st Century has provided a healthy assortement of distractions that preclude young people from being aprised of that history or those who made significant strides for human rights. Our celebration of LGBT History month included a series of video profiles that offered mini- history lessons on a daily basis. However, we can only hope that it will be utilized. My ultimate concern is based on the fact that these days it seems that everybody who's anybody is already "outing" themselves either by choice or force. Case in point, NSYNC boy babe Lance Bass, felt he had to let everyone in on his kept secret and mutal love entangelement with reality star, Reichen Lehmkuhl. Of course they didn't want the tabloids or fans to make much of their true love connection. Meanwhile, being gay in America via Will and Grace, Queer Eye or Folk, Noah's Arc and The L Word have created a trendiness or it's so cool to be gay acceptance. According to Neilsen ratings, these shows are seen by mostly White Heterosexual women, obsessed with wanting to know the sexual box from which one hails continues with recent reports on Cheryl Swoopes who admitted her long term relationship, Clay Aiken who is shocked at the notion that anyone would even suggest a thing and American Idol finalist Jim Verraros who outed himself in 2003 as an outreach to his fan base are just to name a few. Thusly specualtions whirl daily as closets are flying open faster than you can say "Trim Spa,baby!" And now enter the sordid mixed messages and recent revelations conveyed by GOP Congressman Marc Foley's attorney who just wanted us to know that first, Foley wasn't gay... only an alcholic. Then, not a practicing homosexual?, just a victimized altar boy. Ultimately admitting he was actually gay but needed a stay in rehad to deal with it, even though his sexual orientation was "well known" in his power circles. According to an interview with Donald Trump," it was just painful for me to see him with so many beautiful women on his arm." Just imagine if the countless gay teens, young adults and disenfranchised whom face daily violence, homelessness and abuse from family members or strangers could be so so lucky to find such a refuge. On the flip slide, the well heeled congressman just couldn't make up his mind on which golden parachute he needed to get the forgiveness in his major fall from grace. Others on the forgivenss road include the new Gay American former New Jersey Govenor Jim Mc Greevey. A recent Oprah interview subject who solidly wraps himself in the colors of any flag available. McGreevey spins a tale that positioned him as a tortured soul consumed by his Alpha male fixation to achieve and deceive everyone else around him. We are suppose to come to grips with what he was selfishly going through. McGreevey was outed by his arrogrance plus a gaggle of cutie pie staffers and a "I'm not one of them aides"(Golan Cipel) who wasn't going gently into the night without some blackmail cash or a fight. The former politican states that it's all in his current book, "The Confession" much of which Cipel disputes. Neverthless he gets to bounce around the country promoting it to anyone who will listen. You know when a girl comes out, he's still gotta eat. Apparently the angst of Coming Out in 2006 can be not only fulfilling but profitable.
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