Wednesday, October 04, 2006

National Stonewall Democrats Convention

We are aproximately 40 days away from the Arkansas mid-term elections. Please don't vote until you have reviewed the issues and candidates. The rhetoric is almost unbearable. Ranging from the emotional Po' dunct upbringing of Candidate BeBee to the "all things" to everyone Asa Hutchinson. This video clip is a inside look at the Stonewall Democrat National Convention in June. Of course, I have no idea if we had any delegates or if we even know it occurred. There are local monthly meetings, you can check out there website for more info. Political clout is very important in this culture and if we are unable to harness it's power to ensure our place at the table, we will be subject to circus bizzare of flip flop politics for the massess. Vote like you mean it on November 7. Got something to add,let's hear it at

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