Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cornelius' Divinci Code Part Deux

As Executive Producer of this forum, I make every attempt to gather as much news worthy or "infotainment" items to share with readers in the GLBT community and beyond. Our goal is to spotlight, highlight and incite awareness about specfic issues and scrutinize our status quo with an inquisitiveness that will allow us to see the big picture of our needs. It's apparent that within our diversity there is a definite "disconnect"; thus enabling fragmentation that deflates our impact accross the board. The Body Politic wants to address the "800 pound Elephant in the room" paradigm that get's whispered about but not spoken directly too. If we are to continue to evolve and find viable solutions, we will have to embrace a "no pain, no gain," attitude. Therefore, all cards are on the table in our reporting and posting. We encourage feedback, observations, crtiticism and your viewpoints under our big tent. And now the news...

We would like to thank those who responded to our post,"Benefits-R-Us. It seems that this struck a nerve and has some folks re-thinking our benefit-a-thon attempt to suport our local organizations in area bars. It's understandable that NPO's need additional assistance, but these organizations should step to the plate and seriously infuse energy to their strategic development think tanks as a means to add to the bottom line. Such committees should comprise of the most innovative and creative thinkers of the group with a distinct action plan, not social climbers who want to fill their resumes with prestige or other ineffective warm bodies. In actuality, may we suggest that they either attend seminars on development, seek capacity building facilitators or hire a professional. Passing the the hat via cover charges or staid programming needs some serious attention.

Now that we've talk about what should be done, let's explore what's being done in our local verison of the Divinci Code. Take for instance, the Simply Red event supposedly benefiting the Arkansas AIDS Foundation. Overall the intentions appear worthwhile, however, after seeing recent 30 second commercials (yes, I said commercials!) one has to assume that Simply Red, is an "AIDS organization" promoting an internal "fundraiser." Especially since this marketing piece doesn't mention the foundation as a beneficary but briefly references the crisis itself with more emphasis on seeing "the most beautiful people eating fabulous food and dancing the night away," with vociferous emcee, Rene Shaprio to boot. More to my surprise, this TV piece also prominently touts other sponsors including the Diamond State Rodeo. But, according to DSRA inside sources, they state that their group felt sorta "slighted" after donating 2006 rodeo proceeds (about $2,000) to the effort, but SR organizers didn't extend a sponsorship table but wanted to further "sell" DSRA members acess to the fun fest for an additional $1,000! All this from a stealth clique that has not adequately defined itself. Is it an auxillary of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, a Non-profit unto itself, or civic minded do-gooders who have decided to have a great circut party as a cause celeb.

Ideas A-Plenty are causing some consternation in the community as our "Season of Giving" A-Go-Go continues with duplication or replication being the norm. The Factory nightclub, originator of the Babes in Toyland benefit scheduled for Dec. 9, invovles a new toy collection for distribution. However, a mutal effort has been launched by "other individuals" using NLR's Sidetracks as a drop off site and has some people simply confused. Every one get's a kick out giving to kids, but it's the adults who can't seem to coordinate or communicate is the problem. More participation is always better, but clarity is paramount to gain efficiency. I don't like a lot of meetings but new technology has given us a brave new world of reaching out and touching! Let's try it sometimes.

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