Friday, November 03, 2006

The Alphabet Soup Monte

Often when posting to this blog, I find that there are so many topics that need a mention that space and your attention span couldn't coexisist. I attempt to pack as much in to each segment, whether video, podcast, or the written word. Covering all aspects of a community is a daunting task, especially when that collective keeps expanding it's game face. The ubiquitous word "Gay" has mutated to a form of "Alphabet soup" that has supporters on all sides who support rearanging the order. Daily I read a variety of publications from coast to coast and the standards flucuate wildly without regard. Over the year's the evolution of this community has been staggering with many hard fought victories as well as disappointments. Thusly, we have been faced with the dilemma of finding terms of inclusiveness,which has given birth to LGBTQ. The Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual,Transgendered,Queer moniker is the new canopy that's suppose to represent the sum of all. It's a mouthful and often interchangeable depending on who you ask. With this in mind, it is our mission to outreach accross the alphabet spectrum as a conduit and clearinghouse of ideas, news, commentary, video, links and podcasts. It's important that we continue to analyze where we have been as a motivator for the direction in which we want to go. We stand committed to educate, update, and congratulate those who share our vision of human rights for all! And now the news...

NOVEMBER 7- DECISION 2006The mid-term elections are only 5 days away as of this post. We encourage everyone to cast their ballot and show your support to the candidate of your choice. If you need polling information contact county clerk or Take a friend to the Polls!

ARKANSAS DHSS TO VIEW CDC WEBCAST/ SATELLITE LINKThe Arkansas Department of Health & Human Services will host a viewing site for the CDC program, "Mobilizing against the HIV/ AIDS crisis among African Americans" on November 16 from 1-3 p.m. This broadcast will also be available via a webcast from using Windows Media player. The player can be downloaded for free from the same site. Seating will be limited. For more info call Courtney Hampton, site coordidnator @ 501.280.4205

The Ryan White Care Act (H.R.-6143) that was stalled after the recent congressional recess will be possiably reconsidered as Congress reconvenes after the mid-term elections. Stakeholders nationwide are alerting constituents to contact their representative with letters in favor of passing this measure. The bill has been embroiled in a dispute with metro areas opposed to a proposal by Rep.Bono who wanted the funding formula reanalyzed with additional funds to rural communities. HIV/AIDS tranmissions and infection rates, uniquely in the black community, have continued to increase in the south. The Body Politic urges all community members to send e-mails, faxs or phone calls to your representatives urging the reauthorization of the act. Most Arkansas organizations and the services the offer rely heavily on this federal funding source.For more information @

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL PROUD?All local community organizations are seeking volunteers for their upcoming projects or ongoing missions in activism. If you have some time or expertise, you should contact the following with your committed effort to the cause. / Stonewall Democrats of Arkansas / Center for Artistic Revolution

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