Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just Be Thankful...for One!

Being Thankful seems so simple, yet so complex. Each day as I arise and thank the creator for the priviledge, I can't help but think that as day breaks around the world, some one else's reality is starkly different from my own. What would it feel like to awake to hunger, fear, desolation and bleakness that has become commonplace to the citizens of Dafur. How would I deal with the explosions and stench of death that swirls in the air for Iraqi's bewildered masses who find themselves in the constant grips of terror daily or the ongoing distress of 2 Billion people worldwide who have no access clean drinking water. My problems seem so insignificant when I'm trying to find something to watch from 125 channels, choose what to have for breakfast or why there seems to be so much junk mail for me to throw away. Meanwhile, so many are suffering throughout the world and indeed in my nation or perhaps just a few doors away. Our complacency and "being about our business" often doesn't remind us just how fortunate we are or demand that we stop and think about someone else. However, as the holiday season get's into full tilt, I plan to take a few minutes each day and focus on some one else's plight other than my own. In the past my partner and I have participated in a variety of food drives, fundraisers, and adopting children at Chirstmas. This year we want to expand that thought by raising awareness and encouraging others to open their minds, eyes and resources to make a difference in their own special way. One, is not a lonely number,but a starting place for change. One person can make a difference. One voice adds power to the chorus. One letter could start a movement and once your get started it may be hard to stop. As we give thanks around the world, let's remember that there may be "one" person who may need our help. Stay Healthy, Wealthy and Wise...!

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