Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shooting from the Hip!...Part 2

Last week BRAVO, an unabashed promoter of gay oriented content, entered the November Sweeps with a salute to the Girls of Comedy. Such luminaries as Paula Poundstone, Caroline Rhea, and red carpet acid queen, Joan Rivers harpooned, lambasted and get down right bitchy on a array of topics. Ranging from breast malfunctions, being man challenged and oddities of the world at large. Oh how we all love a little dishy dirt, put down or catty insult to help us through the day and the GLBT community can be at the epic center of it all. Case in point, the recent insipid nastiness of Boy Geogre of Culture Club fame, drug arrest or New York street sweeper,( you be the judge). Who collected an award for writing a song that he actually collaborated on with band mates and his "Diva- art- thou" attitude in regards to the new lead gender-bender singer, SAM Butcher, (pictured) for the rivived group. The rebirth of Culture Club will include a mini UK tour in December, documentary, new single and DVD. Of course,United States CC fans are waiting with baited breath for concert date announcements. I saw a video clip of the bands showcase performance and thought that perhaps the magic is back despite and without,Miss Geogre. O.K.!

From the pageant files. It seems that the current "excellence symbol" needs some lessons in class or either a tin cup. Apparently, the reining queen has made no bones about his level of poverty since participating in the national pageant, despite the state pageant being hailed as offering the largest prize package in the system. Thusly he has spent a great deal of time informing any one about his dilemma who will listen. Recently this queen bee showed no grace by groveling his way into an "unbooked" performance at a local club, subsequently whinning about how little he was compensated by the audience. Whew! All this from a contestant ranked 45th out of 49 at nationals. Go figure.

Organization A-Go-Go. Ever since the indictment and eventual trial of Lola Thrower, Lee Langston, Malik Blackmon and Rev. Lamar "Save our Children" Wright, the community has been basically "mum" about the verdicts and it's impact on AIDS services. The sentencing was varied ranging from 3 month home detention for Langston to community service for the good reverend. However Thrower, considered the "La Bella" master mind of this NPO pyramid scheme was given jail time. I'm greatly saddend that her "facilitating" abilities and base knowledge of AIDS funding became skewed by benefiting each player with paltry sums of cash and graft. I can't imagine the rationale used to justify these acts and the overall embarassment one would endure from friends and family. Not to mention the direct scrunity that the rainbow community spews in gossip, twardry remarks and other unsundry allegations. On the other hand it's unfortuante that this funding, if used properly could have uniquely put Central Arkansas ahead of the curve in services for the AIDS community. The propsects of having job training, meeting space, additional core services and a host of probabilities have again slipped through our hands needlessly. Our community has such a need for creative leadership with vision that incidents such as this continues to stagnate progress and future development. Ain't it a bitch. More about this issue next post.

Seeing Simply Red. Apparently some who received invitations from Simply Red / Arkansas AIDS Foundation were confused as to the nature of the event or had the group gone through a name change. It would behoove these entities to get on the same page with how this event will be marketed and too whom. Also strangely a ticket link is provided to the Red event but not to the Awards event,or a mention note about where the awards will be held on this marathon day of fundraising. The RED invite touts Lawrence Hamiliton as a "honorary Chair" but some board members were mystified about Hamiliton, how he became chairperson or his "entertainment value". Talk about efforts that seem lost in translation. According to sources, one local bar owner balked at placing poster material in their establsihment stating that "this organization's overall support is lacking until they need something from us."
Can you say... Kitty Kat Meowwww!

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