Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shooting from the Hip!...Part 3

Our Shooting from the Hip post just couldn't cover everything in one post, therefore, we expanded it as a catch-all for those items that are just to smart to ignore. So with without hestitation we dive back into the fast facts and loose lips of the GLBT community and beyond...

We're Open!! Apparently the guys over at The Factory are determined to find a patron base somewhere by opening 7 days a week! The text messages are fluid and complete with club info concerning the nights offerings. The $10,000 question is where are the customers? What gives and where, oh where has the community gone, that the local establishments are befuddled as to what to do next to attract folks. Times they are a changin, but these shifts could be very detrimental to social life and may continue to keep folks at home. The resounding theme that we've heard lately from community members has been," there's nothing to go out for?" Say what!!

Benefits-R-Us: Our eyes are about to roll back in our heads at the unleashing of organizational benefits that have been scheduled or plan for the incoming months. We understand that many of these Non-Profits have skelton funding schemes at best but, exactly how many benefits can one community support. Especially since most yield very modest returns for the work they take to produce or significant branding of the group. Traditionally, most organizations have development coordinators and firm strategic plans to formulate future funding structures for the bottom line. I don't recall United Way or Heifer International using beefcake or other uninspired efforts to raise funds for the coffers. In full disclosure, I have been involved with this type of fundraising and became disenchanted with the lack of creativity and limited vision. Plus, I'm bored with too many meetings!

Talk about Blowin Up! Locally entertainers come and go, but stayin alive in the biz is tough. However, powerhouse Tionne Iman states that "he knows where's he's going and there's no stoping him, now!" Iman, a former city title holder and upcomming contestant in the US of A system has a sassy website, that's got "everything Tionne" and more. The site features a gallery, guest book and links to some of his favorite sites. We will look for more from Tionne, including an exclusive interview, as we shine our spot light on him in 07. We think it's gonna get hot in here!

The Names Project: The quilts of the Names Project continues as this organization is seeking additional panels representing African Americans lost to AIDS. The quilt is often used as a teaching tool and art form that travels the country. According to organizers, the project would like to solicit groups, individuals or relatives to submit contributions. The Names Project has source materials to assist any interested parties with completing a design.


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