Sunday, November 26, 2006

World AIDS Day 2006 - Accountablity NOW!

December 1, 2006 is World AIDS Day and the world stands united around theme: STOP AIDS- Keep the Promise...Accountability! We at The Body Politic have signed on to be apart of the World AIDS Action week, begining November 27-Dec 1. This citizen action has been to desinged to challenge our recently elected officials and incumbents on not forgetting the issue of AIDS in America as well as globally. This continuing call to action couldn't come at a greater time, since the Ryan White Reauthorization act has yet to clear Congress, meanwhile AIDS service organizations are assessing budgets and the impact of services offered. The AIDS time clock ticks incesantly denoting increasing infection rates found to be uniquely high in southern African American communites, especially Black Women. Youth from 18-24 are often missing educational opportunities, getting mixed messages or insufficient campagins to combat stigma and sterotypes that could unknowingly expose them to the virus. Current CDC reports verify that both Afircan Americans and Latinos once tested are unaware of there HIV status. This alarming trend has created additional challenges for prevention messages. The National Minority AIDS Council has complete a comprehensive overview including the use of condoms in prison environments. In Arkansas, immates receive treatment while incarcerated, but only receive 30 days worth of medication upon release. Additional consultation of these individuals or refferals for medical assistance has not been adequately monitored. We encourage you call, write, FAX or e-mail your representative to remind them that this issue is still vital, has far reaching affects in our communities as well as universally if we have no accountablity. Please bookmark our site for some compelling commentary, the most recent statistics and direct links to resources for your consideration. If you have stories or perspectives to share, do so at


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