Friday, June 15, 2007

The Community "This- n - That" overview - Take 3

I've been saying that the revolution will be televised and the last time I looked, it's happening everyday. There's so much to post about that I just want to jump into frey without delay....

One by Land...Two by Sea....Raise the laterns!

They're Back...: Just as I predicted, those folks, you know them...the Arkansas Family Council and director Jerry Cox have announced there petition drive to make it illegal for gay people or unmarried citizens to participate in Arkansas's foster parent/adoption systems. According to their press release, Cox said " a final proposal isn't drafted, but will specifically prohibit same-sex couples from being adoptive or foster parents, not just target chohabiting couples." The drives premise is based on precedents set in Florida, Mississppi, and Utah, despite the defeat in the House Judiciary Committee during this year's legislative session. At least 61,000 signatures will be needed to put the measure on the 2008 ballot as well as being vetted by Attorney General Dustin Mc Daniel's office. On the homefront, local groups such as CAR and ASD have begun circling the wagons. We will keep you updated.

Rainbow Bombs: Just when we thought we've heard it all, then comes this from our own, U. S. Military. Berkeley, a California government watchdog deciphered from it's FOI request that the penatagon had considered in 1994 to developing a "Gay Bomb." Yes, I said, bomb. This mechanism would "be dropped on enemy combatants infusing them with hormones that would turn them into homosexual comandos and more interested in sex than fighting." This little ditty was budgeted at 78 million tax payer dollars, but allegdely was soundly rejected. Yeah right, sounds like a "don't ask - don't tell" tactic to me. Check out the video link to this story and watch in horror.

More Pride unfurling: I've been mystified by the various individuals who keep expressing to me that they are not getting information about pride activites being held around the state, even though Capitol Pride organizers have reported at least 1500 in attendance throughout the event. I realize that much effort have been put into promot-ing these activites, especially over the net, but somehow it's not translating for some reason. The electronic billboard on the Wilbur Mills interstate, now known as "I -630," announcing the pride event, gets kudos for visiability and creativity. (You too can have it for about $75.00.) Hopefully those backed up in traffic got an eye full. Meanwhile I've been informed that many in the community have been unable to hear my podcast or view video's because they are not tech savvy, lack dial up or high speed connections. Not to mention the time consuming madness of ever bouncing E-mail addresses, filters and changing ISP's of end users. If this is the case, I'm wondering just how to conduct a better form of outreach, data bases or create buzz when needed. Perhaps organizers should also consider using the airways, such as no-cost PSA's or being a featured guest on local chat show's such as KASN's Arkansas Alive or KATV's Good Morning Arkansas, to add to the PR arsenal.

4th Annual Conway Pride Parade & FestivalSaturday June 23, 2007 2pm
Sponsored by John Schenck & Robert Loyd in Association with CAR

Parade Line-up 2pm at the Pink House,1605 Robinson Ave., Conway, ARFestival location: Simon Park-next to City Hall 1201 Oak St.
Entertainers include:Featuring DJ Moon God Sally Miller The Mob Kings Michael Henderson Dreamfast Micah Qualls

Vendor information:Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR(501) 244-9690

3rd Annual AR LGBTQ Reel Attractions Film Festival.
June 23-24, 2007 - First film starts at 6:00pm
The festival will follow the pride event in Conway. The festival will be held in the Cabaret Room at Easy Street Piano Bar. Easy Street is located in downtown Little Rock at 307 W.7th Street. Donations for admission are accepted but not required. People of all ages are permitted into the event.

The Festival is Sponsored by:Cinema Pride, Easy Street Piano Bar, and University of Central Arkansas PRISM Special Guest 6 Time Emmy Award Winner: Stu Maddux
For more information and film schedule:

BLACK Pride 07: Brothers and Sisters around the nation are raising the red, black and green, demonstrating SGL pride with a host of activites and empowering sessions. If you are traveling this season, checking out one of these gathering could be oh so soulful!! Memphis, June 15-17, / Chicago, June 28-July 2/ New Orleans, July 26-29/St. Louis, August 17-19/ Atlanta, August 29-September 3/ Nashville, Oct. 26 -28, 2007

DSRA in Spotlight: The Diamond State Rodeo is on the move with a set of fundraising shows at ClubXLR8 in Ft. Smith, June 23 and a evening of birthday entertainment, Saturday, June 16 at the Hoffman road club house. Each engagement will feature Diamond Rose and friends. For more info. go to or

Champagne Birthday show: Champagne, featured entertainer at The Factory will be celebrating his Golden birthday, Saturday June 16 with friends and guest. Showtime is 11 p.m. We plan on dropping in to get a first hand take on the festivites. Stay tuned....

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