Monday, June 04, 2007

The Revolution will be televised....

Get Ready, Get Set, and stay tuned for revolutionary productions, television, commentary, documentary, and podcast that will take us to new heights or lows in our consciouness. Of course, I plan to bring it all to you in living color with our original take on what's really going on statewide and globally. In the immortal words of Joseph Mankiewicz by screen legend Bette Davis' character Margo Channing in All about Eve, "...fasten you seat belts, it's going to be bumpy night!"

And Healthcare for All. I hope everyone's ready to be sick about it. It's Micheal Moore's latest documentary outing, SICKO premiering June 29. Meanwhile a June 5, Oprah appearance will surely get the controversy started. Apparently Moore has gained support from Winfrey who has also decided that she will make national healthcare an initiative for 07. After returning from the Canne film festival, where this film was lauded as one his best, critics are raving, but healthcare officials are seething at this no-holes barred look at what healthcare has become in the U.S. According to sources, the United States is 37th in the world, just ahead of Slovenia. Where the hell is Slovenia anyway? I'm grateful that I was able to come through the system, warts and all, with my sanity not to mention good results. Yet, I'm alarmed to know that prisoners of Gitmo get free healthcare, however, mainland citizens are routinely denied needed procedures by insurance providers. We need Universal Healthcare in the U.S. Now!!

44 Blue Movies: Just in time for the Pride season, Turner Movie Classics presents, "Screened Out: gay images in films," presented in June on Monday's and Wednesday's. This 44 movie festival will cover films from silent to talkies using Richard Barrio's book, Screen Out: Playing Gay in Hollywood from Edison to Stonewall, as a backdrop. I suggest that if you love movies,you can't afford to miss out on this lavender history lesson.
Pink Spectrum Rising: James Porter and Shon DeArmon, publishers of the Pink Spectrum alternative magazine have shared with The Body Politic there impending plans for the now defunct magazine. After a hiatus, the two said that," they had never really given up on the venture." Also, "We heard from readers every where we would go and knew that people still wanted it." Porter cited that there was some "burn out" and the day to day hustle of putting the production together. He also said that," new equipment could possibly be donated and a lot of support would be needed to get things moving." DeArmon stated that there was no publishing date but would keep us updated.

Don't Take my I-Radio: I'm sounding the rally cry for all those who love Internet radio. It's been a good send as I've basically abandoned the terra firma stations that have a "I don't know that song," playlist to offer me. This is why we added the FM.1 stream on our Myspace platform( to allow our readers an alternative to the robotic "click and play formats" found locally. Also, we produce our own original podcast that can be found on this forum. I urge all listeners to call your Senators about the Internet Radio Act that will prevent internet radio stations and other webcasters to cease operations on July 15. This musical option is vital to new artist, breaking concepts, talk shows and those who are devout fans, such as my self. If you need more info go to

Ask you Senator about S1353, The Internet Radio Equality Act. Tell them you don't want the freedom of diverse music to stop on July 15 due to unfair royalty increases on webcasters or internet radio stations.

In Arkansas:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (202) 224-4843
Sen. Mark Pryor (202) 224-2353
Rep. Vic Synder (202) 225-2506

ACT NOW...before it's too late

If you've got it...we'd love to hear about it. Feel free to leave us comment and share your two cents worth.

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