Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's coming up rainbows and lambdas!

Pride 07 continues to roll on and on with another June week filled with activites and hulaboo around the state. Even though 20 years has passed since my first hand involvement with Pride planning it seems that it's just as difficult and exhausting as ever. Of course, I will not make all the events as I use too, because other matters have commanded my attention. But as I reviewed the schedules, I realized that the choices were somewhat limited for my taste. Believe me, I've pub crawled more than I would like to admit, not really into more karaoke and my latest mid-life crisis doesn't include pillow fighting. Those of the cerebral set, usually find that activites appealing to individuals in search of "teachable moments" are in the minority when it come to local activites. Recently a community member firmly said, " we just wanna have fun...not think and stuff...!" Although I was somewhat taken aback, I realize that profound statements such as this seems to be the order of the day when it comes to this rainbow ritual. However, I'm not a party pooper, but would rather like to see a "party with more purpose," and empowerment. Oh well, there's always next year....

Pride Royalty: Congrats to Zia and Ken Iman as the Mr. & Miss Pride 2007. The two were selected at The Factory, (6/17) from a field of seven candidates vying for the title. Each expressed their desire for more unity and mutal cooperation within the community. The evening was capped with performances from Miss GayAmerica 2007, Luscious,(pictured) Miss US of A, Dominique Sanchez and Miss Gay Arkansas America, Raven St. James. In between performances, we had chance to briefly chat with Luscious, who was extremely cordial and genuinely excited to be sharing in the Pride event. Hailing from South Carolina, He stated that " despite his busy travel schedule, he's enjoyed meeting everyone each time he gets a chance to visit. He can't wait until next time."

Do you know your Rainbow history?

All across the country the rainbow flag has become a beacon of pride celebrations and festivals. However, many don't know what the colors of the flag stand for or it's history. Therefore I would like to share with you it's origins. Debuting in 1978 in the San Francisco Freedom Day Parade, the flag has become a readidly reconizable emblem of pride universally. Designed by Gilbert Baker, the flag's color bars represent an array of values embraced throughout the community.

RED: Life

ORANGE: Healing


GREEN: Nature


VIOLET: Spirit


Registry On Hold: The ordinance creating the Eureka Springs Domestic Partnership Registry scheduled for a June 22 launch has been stymied by anti-gay minister Phillip Wilson by submitting to the city clerk 147 signatures in opposition. The measure was unanimously approved by the Eureka Springs City Council, May 14 and according to advocates the proposal has broad based support from residents, tourist and church groups. The effects of this maneuver could have far reaching affects in a city with a vibrant tourist appeal, also about 25 per cent of local businesses being gay owned or managed which often host annual Diversity Weekends events. For more information: ArkEquality@yahoogroups.com
In case you missed a posted pride schedule more info is available from www.sidetracksnlr.com !!
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