Saturday, July 14, 2007

Talking Out Loud 4 U...

Say it ain't so... the year is rocking and rolling into second half of the year, as news cycles continue to come at me like fast balls from a major league pitcher. As I've said before, somedays it's almost too much! However, we perservere and stay the course in our search for the high's and lows of what's going on in Arkansas'GLBTQI community and beyond.

Crown Me!: Congratulations to Tionne Iman in her win of Miss Gay Little Rock US of A, July 13 at The Factory. From a field of three, Iman edged out the competition with a savvy Ella Fitzgearld jazz rendition in the talent portion of the contest and demonstrated runway presence during evening gown. The evening was rounded out with performances from Whitney Paige, Miss Gay Arkansas US of A 2007, former MGA, Catia Love, Champagne, Vicki Valentine and B. Braxton. Pageant promoters, Davey and J. C. expressed positive reviews of there first full-fledge contest held at the venue and was enthusiastic about spin-off prelims to come from the US of A system. During Paige's audience remarks, she paid respect to Dominique Sanchez who reliquished the title a few weeks ago. Stating that "prior committments and a whole lot of other stuff going on cause her to make certain decisions. But, I'm Miss Arkansas US of A and I will do my best to represent all of you." As an update, this forum outreached to Sanchez for comment but so far we've gotten the silent treatment. As usual these contest are chronically plagued with delays due to audiences simply trickling in or other circumstances which makes the evenings ( no pun intended) drag on and on. The advertised start time was 10 p.m., I arrived around 9:50 but the production was put off about another 50 minutes due to of all things a late contestant! Yet, I give the overall production a high five for it's staging, especially the catwalk addition that allowed everyone to strut their stuff, giving the audience a full view. Also, the half price drink special during the event helped offset the $10 cover. The duo is off to a good start and we wish them well on there next endeavor.

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Local testing can be obtained from the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, 518 East 9th Street or go to their website: for more information.

Prowling the Streets: Our recent posting about local venues was not complete and will be again prowling the streets to check out the Friday Night Gay Festival at Backstreet and other night spots of interest. So, look for us as we continue our trek to find out the who, what, when and where of what's really going on in the city. As a FYI, featured Discovery DJ's have uploaded music to I-Tunes for your listening pleasure and you can download it and take it with you. Shortly we too will join the I-Tune movement and post some of our upcoming podcast for your access. Stay tuned!!!
Chewing the FAT: GOP presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee weighed in on SICKO, the Michael Moore doc about the U.S. healthcare system by stating that moore himself was an indictment of what' wrong with health care in America, futhrmore he said that he most likely wouldn't see the movie. All of this sounds like a candidate gasping for attention since his nominee bid is seriously doubtful and most likely unrealistic. Maybe he should write a diet book instead or make some of those late night excercise informercials.
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