Friday, July 06, 2007

And the Beat goes on 24/7! part 2

A mid week holiday, breaking news and too much stuff happening all at the same time, makes this little production go into overdrive trying to stay current and ahead of the curve. Lately, I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and stretched a bit thin when trying to decipher, decode or denote all the information that either trickles in or becomes a gusher! Yet, I'm appreciative of all of you who share your information and of course keeping us and the record straight about what's going on here, there and everywhere in Arkansas!

08 Candidates: "In Win it," with Millions to spare

Money Makes the world go round: The June 30 financial filings from the 08 Presidential candidates really speaks volumes about the cash flow that spurs our electorate and continues to unveil some serious fault lines in our system for those without disposable funds. Of course, campaign finance, especially Mc Cain/ Feingold hasn't totally addressed the tide of benjamins that provide a "green carpet" into elected office. Enter Barack Obama with his jaw dropping "small donation perspective" of 32 million dollars to get out his message that he's the future for the country. Not to be out done, but pulling into second place is the Clinton Factor with 27 million and Edwards (pictured right) who coffers was bosted by 9 million respectively. On the GOP side, which usually out raises the Democrats, out front is Giuliani, 17 million, Romney, 14 million and McCain with 11.2 million. Former Arkansas Gov, Mike Huckabee,(pictured left) recently stated that some candidates are sliding from the pack and he can see his advancement into the forefront, however, from the cash stash postion he's only reporting 544,157 and counting according to his website. Pundits and those in the know have predicted that it will take at least 500 million to possibly get the nomination. Despite all the greenbacks, let's not forget to ask the candidates where they really stand on the issues not the sound bites. Don't be fooled by all the hype...get involved from you own unique level.

Politically speaking: Remember the 86th General Assembly of the Legislature a few months back? At that time local activist were rallying about SB 959 that went onto defeat, however, we were interested in other legislation that sailed by without a whimper such as HB2615, creating the HIV-AIDS Task Force with Act 842. The bill was to designed to "coordinate statewide efforts to combat the debilitating effects of HIV-AIDS on minority Arkansans." Yet there hasn't seemed to have been an update or press release about it. Hence, our inquiry about who was selected for this task force, funding source and inital upstart date. We've contacted the Governor's office for the status of this commission, especially juxtaposed to announcement of Wynonna Bryant Williams, PH.d as the new Executive Director of the Minority Health Commission which is slated to host the task force. As the information cometh forth, we will post a update.

Totals Tallying: Speaking of cash...the numbers are in on the Pride Week 07 Turn-a-bout show proceeds courtsey of Norman Jones, founder of HWPA ( Helping People with AIDS). The evening netted $1642.00 that was added to the groups fiscal year intake of $10,000. (July06/07) Earlier in the year the "One night Only," event also garnered pledges, ticket sales, auctions and in-kind support of $10,000. Jones cited that the organization assist clients directly based on developed criteria. We applaud HWPA for it's transparency and openly offering fund raising information. In the past, this forum has had an inquiring mind about the local "money trails," Benefits A-Go-Go ( such as the Simply Red Event?) and the propose services they support. Raising money is an important element of all organizations and presenting a snapshot of those revenues could be an insturmental tool to acquring future donors, corporate sponsorships and hopefully, the confidence of the community at large.

That's the Ticket: Who knew that Harry Potter would end up at Sidetracks...well not exactly but the managment is preparing to send a lucky patron to the local premier of, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. The drawings will be July 6-8 ahead of the in-house premier party on July 11. Of course you must be present to win a chance to see this final installment of the series. The Potter flix is not my cup of tea, but I will opt to check out Michael Moore's, SICKO now showing at the Market Street Cinema, 1521 Merrill Drive. Why stand in line when you can get tickets online at AOL Movie phone or call 1.866.96.SICKO for more info. Watch for our review coming soon....


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