Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Which Way is Up?...The search continues

In previous post I've shared that this forum evolved from humble beginnings,meandering with no real focus or target audience. However with growth, information, and direction, the little blog that was has survived, meanwhile actually creating an audience for itself. Each day I'm pleasantly suprised by responses and words of encouragement from many of you in cyberspace, especially those who are sharing there stance on our format or content juxtaposed to a more rabbid tabloid offering. I'm encouraging more comments throughout the week about this forum and it's place within the community at large. If you got something on your mind, then let's hear it.

Collar-Up: The new male contraceptive for the 21st Century

On my recent podcast, (in case you missed it, it's still posted) I spoke about this recent device developed by Anthony C Mayfeild. According to marketing materials, CollarUp is the latest in contraceptive aids that is taking the country by storm. Even though I have not actually seen or use this prouduct, I'm always on the look out for the latest gadget or item of interest that may be a useful tool in our overall health arsenal. I'm a staunch proponent of taking personal responsiability for your life choices and there impact on others.

Additional marketing materials I reviewed stated that while doing research on a CDC’s website Anthony ran across an article that listed the main reasons why condoms fail: 1. inexperience using them, 2. the condom had expired, and 3. they slip down or come completely off during use. The last point would spark the idea that would lead to the mass production of the Collar up contraceptive aid.

Simple yet effective. The collarUp slip around the waist and over the penis in seconds keeping the condom in place making for a more pleasureable yet safer experience. Viola! Why didn't I think of this little ditty? Of course, if you decide to use this item, please do some "due dilliengence." Remember, just because we talk
about new products doesnt' mean we endorse
them! For more info: http://www.kuttinedgeonline.com/

Membership Renewals: The Stonewall Democractic Club of Arkansas has announced that annual membership are now due for renewal. 12 month memberships are $35 or $15 for students. You can now renew or join using Paypal at http://www.stonewallarkansas.org/ If you want to send it the old fashion way you can at SDC P.O. BX 34231, Little Rock, AR 72203 Dont't forget that 08 will be an election year and your voice will be needed.

Under the Crown: Congratulations go out to Canary Diamond, Miss Backstreet and Gigi Galore, 1st alternate in the contest held at the Backstreet Complex July 22. I must confess that in past post I've chided others about being tardy in there attendance and I was gulity this time around after being held up at Sidetrack's weekend cookout. But, my timing was futher complicated or bit confused with the pageant name game that occurred, as Miss Ebony morphed into Miss Backstreet. Don't ask- because I didn't. However, the evening progressed well, despite Miss Diamond being overcome by the experience with a fainting spell, causing me to think " is there a doctor in the house!" Neverthless, he was revived and to my knowledge all was well. Another highlight of evening was proceeds of $12,041.oo from the One Night Only benefit was presented by Ron Standridge in rememberance of Candice Carrington to HWPA.

MYSPACE Tit for Tat: The brave new world of Myspace technology is allowing everyone to have there say and I case you haven't noticed some of the headlines are in the "Meow" category. I'll leave it up to you dear readers to summized the who, what, where and why of it all. Even though I plan to stay above the fray, I will be having more to say shortly on our Myspace page where we are supportive of internet radio by streaming to you live from 1Club FM.com Here's our direct link: www.myspace.com/corneliusonpoint

Karaoke on the Range: DSRA is swinging open the clubhouse doors on Saturday nights for Karaoke starting at 7 p.m. For $5.00 admit and drink coupons you can vocally expresss yourself to whatever embarassment level you choose. I did notice that the announcement came with the caveat that the "DJ" was requesting that the first two hours of the event be, "non-smoking." Now, that's interesting since a Tuesday posting on the Sidetracks Yahoo Group site caused members to flame out there opinions on smoking in area bars ranging from the "Big brother is watching" rhetoric to taking their "smoking green backs to Memphis!" Like we need more Arkansas dollars filling the tax coffers of Tenn., Mississippi or any other surrounding state for that matter. This issue is especially important in a state that has been deemed "unhealthy" from various surveys and think tanks. I use to smoke many years ago and realized that many of my health conditions were the result of this behavior amongst others. But, my lifemate smokes, I continue to make the case with him that this is not good for his overall health. He retorts, "we all got to die from something." Yet, my position is why excelerate it or enhance the chances when you have options. It's an ongoing battle on my homefront and I don't see me winning.
I accepted the fact that in the bars, smoking was the norm and I had choice to either deal with second hand smoke or stay home. I decided to add limitations to my bar crawls and seek out patio's when available for fresh air diversions. Furthermore, I'm not sure a smoke free bar would have chance in this city considering the financial factors invovled to make it a success. What do you think?

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