Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Body Politic: A Podcast Explodes!

The Body Politic explodes or implodes from planet Earth this week with it's new podcast produced by CorneliusOnpoint. It was simply imperative that we return to this platform despite concerns from some readers who don't have access to high speed networks or necessary hardware to listen. Believe me, I realize that their are more important things in life such as "the rent, food, healthcare and basic survival 101," than getting the hook up with our forum or listening in to my brand of mayhem. However, the show must go on and I certainly hope that as tech prices continue to plummet, as well as, other value based DSL outlet connections continue to grow, hopefully the digital divide will get smaller. We can't deny that our community continues to become fragmented as many have retreated to nesting at home in front of their screens, chat rooms and other online entertainment. Thusly, it's become paramount that we began embracing more technology to keep everyone in the loop on issues affecting us as citizens and taxpayers. It's become my personal mission to use every techno bully pulpit as an "on point" outreach mechanism and empowerment tool to encourage direct dialouge. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, this is Arkansas' online destination for more of what you been looking for in news, commentary, podcasting, video and information. Click the EVOCA icon, (pictured left/above) adjust your volume and enjoy the show!!

Dont' forget our live stream from Chicago's WGCI powerhouse music mixes at:www.myspace.com/corneliusonpoint We support internet radio and want it stay alive and well!
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