Thursday, July 19, 2007

Everything is Everything... and More!

Recently I had a interesting conversation that cause me some pause, as well as, pushed me to contemplate varying realizations about producing this forum. That discussion revealed to me that I needed to truly assess the value of this medium vs. the time element it takes to research, verify, produce, and edit at least 4 times weekly across the platforms. Not including the promotion and rooting around that it takes to attend many of the activities that we profile or support. I was told that even though the information may be useful, most local folks are not interested in too much "high minded" stuff. They would prefer that I get more gossipy, dishy, meanwhile disclosing "who did who" or better yet, the "troubled couple of the week." I was simply broadsided and felt as if I was suffering a vertigo moment. Am I wasting time trying to inform, empower, educate, or communicate ideas that result in positive dialouge? Is it worth the timely effort to offer original content or continuing to develop partnerships? Are you telling me that I need to adopt a "bitchy tabloid slant" that serves up people's lives ala "sliced and diced" for your reading pleasure? I think not. But, it' s open for discussion and I encourage everyone to weigh in on what type of format would be most appealing to the community and why. For the record, I'm not so uptight or aloof that I don't love a little baughtiness or earthy spills from the lips of others. However, I try to temper all of that with lot's of positive imput to achieve a well roundedness to life. But if it's an issue and you've got some say on it, then let's talk about it, letting the chips fall where they may. Until then... let's have some news!

Trailer CHA-CHING: B. J. Givens was winner of Miss Trailor Park Trash Pageant, July 15 at Backstreet, with Alexis Davaroe as 1st Alternate. Acccording to MGAA 2007, Raven St. James, this comedy "pageant to no-where", was the brain child of himself and LTC Jim. The event, netting $2002 was the first of two fundraiser for HPWA (Helping People With AIDS) charity. July 21, the Diamond State Rodeo will hold a dual benefit at 8 p.m. for the organization and the Make-a- Wish Foundation, featuring invited guest. Also, in memorial of Candice Carrington, (pictured left) former MGAA and Ebony Arkansas America winner, Ron Standridge will present the proceeds from the One Night Only Benefit held earlier this year during the Miss Ebony Arkansas America pageant, July 22.

TOGA, BEARS, Oh MY!: The Diamond State Bears have announced, August 11, DSRA Clubbhouse, (4525 Hoffman Road) as the venue for there next event. Organizers state that no actual dress code will be enforced, but all participants are encouraged to join in the Greek spirit of the evening. Big screen videos, food, drinks and music will be featured throughout the night. For those out-of-towners needing to find a den, the guys suggest the newly renovated, Rodeway Inn & Suites, 2401 W. 65th Street, 501.801.0188. For more info go to the Sidetracks Yahoo Group website via our link:

DSRA Round-up: Balloting for the DSRA Board as posted by Lou Rushing, president will be held August 5, 2007 at the Clubhouse, 4525 Hoffman Road. Proposed Board Candidates are as follows:

President Allan Cox
Treasurer Steve Thomas
Events Chair Sandy Bidwell
Membership Nate Francis

Dan Scott was Elected the Rodeo Director at the July meeting.

The DSRA Royalty competition will be held, August 25th, featuring the following contestants competing for the groups in-house titles. They are as follows:

Miss DSRA Diamond Rose (aka Allan C.)
Mary Kay Arden (aka TJ)

Mr. DSRA Dan S.
Rick L.

Ms. DSRA Kris B.

MsTer DSRA Dusty W.

The posting didn't specify exactly who is eligible to vote. If you are interested in who's running things at the DSRA, go to their website for the low down. Here's a link: Tell em you read about it here!!!


1. What inspired you to create "Cherity"

I have always envied woman. What I mean by that is I've always been jealous of their power, their appearance, their femininity, their grace. I've always been a fan of woman's cloths, woman's shoes, the way they can make their faces up so beautifully with make up. As the saying goes "This is a woman's world." I have always enjoyed female performers. I love to watch a good "drag" show. The first impersonation I ever did was in San Jose' at an AIDS Medicine and Miracles Retreat. I performed the song "Believe" by Cher. I have always enjoyed Cher and her ability to be so "Flamboyant". I desire to do charity's right now and since I couldn't use "Charity Case" since it's currently being used I wanted to come up with something similar. And since I do like Cher I decided to use Cher + the end of the word charity. And since Cher is only one word I thought I would be a little more unique and use just one word. That's how the title "Cherity" came about.

2. Where do you see the character in the next year.?

I like to see "Cherity" being used in more facets than "lip syncing". I'd like to be used as a announcer/comedian/presenter along with my preforming.

3. What type of music lends it self to your impersonation.

Like I said earlier Cher was my inspiration to my title. I love Kelly Clarkson and I would have to say my "signature song" is "Because of You".

4. How do you believe "Cherity" represents Pride?

She is a strong proud sensitive woman.

5. who would you consider your best inspiration?

Megan Michaels

6. Since beginning impersonation, what has been your biggest challenge?

I would have to say my makeup technique. Because when I paint my face properly I feel better, more confident...

7. What advice would you give to newbies to impersonation?

If it's something you want to do, go for it. It's an art. Find someone to shadow, to copy (for loose of words) and then break out and make yourself original.
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Nick said...

This forum is strongest when it focuses on local queer politics, activism, and organizations. There are plenty of blogs out there that offer national news (i.e. reviewing Michael Moore's SICKO or reporting on presidential campaigns). These national blogs are updated multiple times a day by writers who are paid to do so. You simply can't keep up by posting only 4 times a week, and trying to do so would by trying to meet a need that is already filled.

What I can't get from other online news sources, however, is information about queer happenings specfic to Arkansas. That is what keeps me checking your blog daily. I’ve seen the great potential of your blog when debating corporate funding of the community center in NWA or discussing the general failure of queer groups to challenge the racism of Shirley Q Liquor. This is important dialogue that fosters the exchange of ideas, and it provides a forum to critique organizations when their actions aren’t benefiting local queer Arkansans.

Stay focused on local queer news. It’s what you can do best and it provides an important service.

[I know you’ve put out calls for guest authors before, but you may consider partnering with someone on a long term basis who can help catch some of the news that you miss or don’t have time to cover.]