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Prowelin the Streets of Little Rock

If you didnt' see us, then obviously you were not prowlin the streets of Little Rock this past weekend, with our sites on the stars and stripes of July 4. It was a whirl wind of a jaunt as the CorneliusOnpoint crew went bar crawlin to see what's really going on. So get ready to find out what we've uncovered and discovered...

Thursday Night ( 6/28): We stopped into Sidetracks for drinks and conversation with it's usual suspects being serviced by staff member Hank. The one thing you can count on about the place is that familar faces always make it seem homey and the early opening hours allow you to have a little recreation before howling at the moon. On a personal level I continue to be amused by the variety of folks who were always talking about the loud disco's not allowing you to have conversations with counterparts. However, it seems to me that since the volume has been decreased, some of the conversing has ranged from quaint to the mundane. You know what they say, "what you see, is what you get!"

Friday Night ( 6/29) My adventures led me to The Factory to support those impersonator who were having a fundraiser to offset expenses to the Miss Gay Arkansas America pageant. So we threw on a face and out the door we went. The troup was led by Miss Gay Little Rock, Sasha Harrison, Marvella, Cherity, Miss "Pride Cookie" Walker and Breeanna Braxton. In case you didn't know and take it from me because I do know, that it takes a wide wad of cash to be a serious pageant contender. Those hair up do's can't be found at Super Cuts! Unfortunately, what irked me was the audience turn out. The $64.000 dollar questions is: "where the hell are all the people!!" If I can count them, (yes, and I do mean literally count them) then there's not enough faces in the place to make a difference. I'm sure that the entertainers appreciated the tea cup of folks that came to offer there financial support, but this dilemma is dumb founding. I'm sure that the owners are thumping there heads trying to figure what's up with this! Unfortunately, I missed UBU's 80's party throwdown because I got the word bit late. But, sources have said it was a blast and should happen more often and supposedly they had a real "crowd." If it's a winner then it will come around again.

Sautrday Night: (6/30) I had planned to hit another hot spot, when I learned that Miss Discovery, Medigan Iman Starr would be apart of the next group of gals heading up a second pageant fundraiser at The Factory. So, once again, we got out the war paint for Day 2 of throwing on a face to support those in search of the Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008 crown, set for September 14-16. This time around, me and my lifemate made our way to the venue for pre-drinks, only to be again stumped at the low attendance, this time worse than friday night. The show was delayed awaiting some participants who were participating in the new Miss Firecracker pageant hosted by Miss Gay Pride, Zia D'Yor at UBU. I realize that each bar has it's own schedule and operating standards, but it seems that somehow there's a lot of conflicting events that causes you to have to choose one or the other. Apparently nothing can happen until the weekend and even then some participation is razor thin. Especially since a wide range of circumstances causes many events not to start on time or run to late. It's either feast or famine for anyone trying to produce these productions, not to mention the out of pocket expenses that are not recouped in revenue. My business accumen isn't Ivy League but, I'm wondering is anybody making any money? You know somebody got to pay the light bill and lease!!

Crowns-R-Us: In a surprise move, Dominque Sanchez (pictured left) has reliquished her title as Miss Gay Arkansas US of A, passing the crown to Whitney Paige, 1st Alternate. The move cause a minor shake up as new promoters, David K. and J.C. were in pageant planning mode for the Miss Little Rock, US of A, July 13 at The Factory. DK said that negotiations with Sanchez hit a "sour note" in regards to her scheduling vs. contest prelims that would be held on Friday nights at the club. He emphasized that there seemed no workable solution to make the situation a positive one for all. But, playing devils advocate, does this mean that since Sanchez is not fullfilling her duties, be placed on the "Banned" list that the US of A system post on there website? Will she be forced to return prize money or entry fees? Perhaps not. It seems that "it's different strokes for certain folks." We will seek a comment from camp Sanchez, If we get a reply we will post it here first. The reigning Miss Gay US of A 2007 is Asia O'hara ( pictured left), from Dallas Texas. O'hara has been a popular entertainer on the Texas circut and has been hailed as a multi- talented impersonator. Sanchez was ranked as 2nd Alternate in the national competition. As the pageant season continues to heat up, I'm
sure that will be graced with an appearance from this striking
beauty. So, get your tickets or make reservations early, this might turn out to be a SRO (standing room only) event!!
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Pageant Fever: Some one check the local temperature because I'm sensing pageant fever as new contest keep popping up all over the place. Of course these contest have become "pageant in a Box" or a click and play competitions allowing promoters an easier pathway to putting it together. If you are willing to risk it, then step right up. We've spoken about Little Rock US of A and the other spin offs of the US of A system to come, UBU's Miss Firecracker, now enter the newly resurrected Miss Gay Twin Cities slated for 8.12.07 as another DK/JC production. Also, from the pageant impersario Norma Christi, comes the Miss Gay Ebony America, being held July 22 at his entertainment compound. According the MGA website, there's plenty more franchises for sale from where these came from, if you are intersted get in touch. Obviously, there are more crowns to be passed out!
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