Monday, March 31, 2008

Running on Borrowed time....

Everyday that I review source material, list, E-mails, books, and my personal observations in preparation of putting this labor of love together. I've mentioned that this work takes place in the wee hours of the morn, long before the sun peeks over the horizon. It's at this quiet time that I say my first "thank you" prayer for more of the borrowed time that I've been afforded. Most likely I'm "spell checking", prior to your first of cup of java or perhaps when you may be finding your way home. No matter at what time of the day or night that you find yourself catching up on this forum, you can be certain that I'm usually on to the next edition, editing pictures, re-reading or producing other platforms. All the while remembering those pearls of wisdom such as the "early bird gets the worm," or "early to rise, early to shine," that mom use to spout off. Well they've come in handy and now propel me to get a jump on my busy day by either putting up or shutting up on the latest headlines or headliners. Therefore, Ladies, Gentlemen and all those who haven't decided, here we go....

COP Mail bag: I got a note from Angie Bowen who is spearheading a online community portal with hopes of leveraging this into a "brick and mortar" area community center. Her inquiry was in response to our posting about this effort and wanted to know more about what our readers were saying. I thought that I could do what I do best: multi-tasking by answering her questions and also throwing open the concept for more discussion, if there's any, right here. First up, a few of the responses shared revolved around the structure of the center and purpose. At least one reader wanted to know if this is a pipe dream or something that could be realized. The temperament of a few readers and I found this to be the tone of other conversations as well was "skeptical" and cautious but optimistic. This attitude results from so many good intentions gone wrong. I also stated that I had floated this concept, (can you believe it?) some 20 years ago! But I lamented that during that era such a concept was sorta before it's time or at least that's what the elders told me. I proposed that the then G-organization focus their resources toward establishing a "core" from which to build thusly, giving the"community" an alternative destination point. Even without ever visiting such a center, I reached this conclusion through my personal outreach to organizers all over the country who responded beyond my belief. In hindsight, my involvement became plagued on a variety of levels ranging from the shortsightedness of members to some of my own misguided exuberance. Nevertheless, despite my sincere pursuit, the venture went belly up. Now for the bullet points that were needed then and even more so now.

1. Leadership that's realistic and it for the long haul.

2. Financial support that's smart, creative and filled with leveraging opportunities.

3. Comprehensive and broad based appeal that embraces community needs and stakeholders.

4. A committed core of mover and shakers filled with a "can do/must do" attitude who are willing to be held accountable and properly engaged.

Of course there's so much more that will be necessary to push this type of concept forward. Wouldn't it be great if Central City could sling shot into the 21st century with a such a place. They have my best wishes and support. O.K., I've had my say, so now, what say you....

River Draggin: Congrats to Sasha Harrison, the producers and management of The Rev Room on their recent foray into the world of pageantry with the new prelim, Miss Gay Revolution. I wasn't exactly sure why this was being done or was it needed but I was pleasantly surprised at all of it. The show was timely, great mini-buffet featuring a fondue set up ( I grazed on the strawberries!), friendly bartenders and an overall atmosphere of "welcome." I did catch a few bystanders with that "What the hell" look on their faces yet no overt mishaps. While scanning the audience, I saw all the familiar faces including Miss Little Rock, Champagne, NJ with his BFF, Dj Marky Mark, MGAA, Alexis La Rue, Drew Pritt and Free Press columnist Stacie Mack. She told me that she disappointed at the lack of a "full house" turn out for this event. "As a supporter of the community, I can't believe that this place isn't packed. This "straight" venue decided to host this type of entertainment and the community didn't come out in force." She also told me that this would be a topic in her upcoming column especially calling out those individuals who somehow felt uncomfortable with the whole idea. I can't wait to read her entire take on the matter. I shared with Miss M that the "community" appears to have continuing issues and barriers that prevent it from moving forward. What can you say, it took some impersonators to go rolling on the river. In other crown news, the Miss Gay Arkansas pageant has new promoters in the guise of Arkansas Alumni Productions which assumes the duties from Norma Kristie Inc.which has been in divest mode. The state pageant will be held August 1-3 with purported new formatting and updates. Also the Miss Gay America pageant will move up the river to St. Louis, Missouri. October 8-12.

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