Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Midweek Spindown and Mash Up...

Enter the Nexus: You would've had to had your head buried in the sand not to have heard about the fire storms of controversies that have evolved from both political camps. Last week, It was the the Geraldine Ferraro "foot in mouth" disease that erupted in the Clinton big tent when she made unsubstantiated and rather tomfoolery comments about how Obama's race has afforded him some special place at the table. I listened to her comments over and over again, trying to figure out just where this political icon was coming from. Yet, Mrs. Ferraro's take on the situation just kept coming across as tinged with racial innuendo and just plain old not well thought out. I respect every one's right to speak the mind openly, but I'm very suspects to those double meanings and doublespeak. She has quietly left the room for the moment. Then, came the other dropping shoe, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastoral confident via his starring role on YouTube spewing what's known as "liberation gospel," or as some has characterized as nothing "but hate." This quasi term and much of the explanation that came with it, got me pondering out loud with eyes rolling. I'm use to those Sunday pulpit "fire and brimstone" sermons supported by biblical text, however some of Mr.Wright's dogma is simply over the top at best. It's the kind of rhetoric that you begin wondering "where in the hell is that coming from?" As a African American man living the "black experience" in America, I do understand the multi-dimensional construct he's addressing juxtaposed to our personal space. All my life I've been in the mix of the race question both professionally and personally. Especially in the GLBTQ community which is not exempt from diversity issues. Furthermore, I can't even imagine sitting in the audience for 20 years, trying to consume these cryptic statements as plausible let alone credible. Not to mention asking this person to bless my union or baptize my children. Problematic as that is for myself, I wholeheartedly respect Mr. & Mrs. Obama's choice. Nevertheless I would have had serious reservations. Ultimately and soundly, this would be a"wait a minute reverend moment!" Subsequently, Mr. O bounced back Tuesday with a speech that demonstrated his oratory skills are no fluke. His ability to stand front and center of issues while finding the commonality among us is certainly commanding but most astounding was his decision to flip the script, calling out Americans to a "where do we go from here," position in this countries lackluster dialogue on race. Is Mr. Obama transcending? Is Mr.Obama the "Black candidate?" Will Obama rise above this? Do we need a comprehensive look at race in America? Interesting questions aren't they...
now what do you think.

Election Watch: This fell into my inbox and I wanted to pass it along. I had a chance to listen to Mr. Sullivan and he spelled out why I should vote for him for District Judge. I believe that he's up to providing the post with the full time atttention that he willing to give plus experience to boot. During a February speech to the Stonewall Democratic Caucus, he told the audience that a possible consultant had told him not "to expect anything from the GLBTQ community." He countered that statement saying he wanted to prove that individual wrong. Here's a chance to help do so.
Please Join
Gary Sullivan
For a BBQ
Benefiting His Campaign for
Little Rock District Judge
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
6:00-8:00 pm
Alley Oops Restaurant
11900 Kanis Road, #D10
Little Rock
$25 Minimum Contribution
Includes BBQ Dinner
Please RSVP to (501) 537-0190 or
* Contributions are limited to $2,000 per individual per election.

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Anonymous said...

The Challenge: First, what is a "possible" consultant . . . I digress:

When it comes to supporting any cause; be it political or otherwise, what can we expect from a community that has yet to be defined in any tangible construct? By tangible construct, I mean factual data and not by some moral dissertation with the likings of a misguided sermon on homosexuality. Has anyone actually manufactured the numbers to determine what the GLBTQ support base really looks like in Little Rock, or any other area of the state? To conduct polls, surveys, interviews, etc. is costly indeed. To conceive a belief around a "perceived" community may prove to be more costly paticularly if one is not immune to bankruptcy or the "I told you so" syndrome. Of course, I am not implying that Mr. Sullivan or his "possible" consulant are placing bets based on the odds of perception alone. I am certain that the role of experience is part of the equation. However, what are the odds that both expectations will be met with high yielding glee? This is certainly a recipe for high yielding disappointments or perhaps deep pocketed experience along with long monetary contributions will save the day. Therefore, does it simply boil down to dollars and cents when it comes to defining a community? I hope Mr. Sullivan does not come up short changed in his expectations because apparently size does matter. But then if he does, he will be able to cash a check on reality . . . . who needs deep pockets for that . . .$$ching, ching, $$ching, ching

W. Rhodes