Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Alphabet Soup Monte 2008

Have you ever had that I'be got to much on my plate feeling? If not, I certainly have and each day that I review source material, sift through E-mails, and then shift from research drive to prouduction overdrive, I get that feeling that is it all worth it? Does anyone really give a damn? Is it making a difference if I point out the facts, call out players, hold up the mirror to our "community" or ponder on accountability? The answer is a resounding, Hell yeah. I've dedicated my time, expertise and consciouness toward this project for the last five years, with plans to consequently morph this forum into other ventures. I hope that you dear readers will continue to stop by and feel the vibe for news, updates, links, commentary, video, podcasting and so much more to come. Are you ready for some soup, then let's get started....

Bar Mag turns ON: I'm always glad to see any type of movement within the community, especially when another publishing outlet joins the fray. Therefore, congrats and kudos go out to the publishers of ONTRACK, the new in-house tabloid of Sidetracks on the North shore. The premiere issue was filled with infomercial tidbits and micro articles centering around activites sponsored by this private club and it's patrons. Now, before the politically correct start crowing foul. This mini-mag has a overt masculine bent ( no pun intended) because this is the core of their patronage. As for diversity, the choice is ultimately your own. But I must acknowledge that I've had issues with a few who have exposed their true colors, however, this is not the overall atmosphere of the club or management. The only beef I have is that I would've liked to have had a better picture of myself in the issue. Here's a challenge: if you can find my picture in this issue, I'll set you up with a special gift! Go get it boy's and girls. It's free for the taking and will be produced monthly. If you find me, e-mail me at cman8222@yahoo.com or leave us a comment here!!

Super Duper Tuesday-Take Two: It's come down to the Texas two step and three other states which will be holding primaries today. On the democratic side, it's a "do or die" throw down for Hillary "in to win it" Clinton who has been in a severe match up with the "Bouncing O", Barack Obama who has been on a non stop winning streak across the electorate. Thus far in my lifetime, I've never seen such vigor, adamant stances and down right fista cups being reported from citizens who are passionate about who will be the nominee. Fortunately, in my household we are united in our choice and prepared to honor whomever is the nominee come November. During this entire campaign season, I've made an effort to listen to debates, read websites, mainstream coverage and assess the candidates equally. Each Senator has tremendous abilities, brilliance, perspectives and vision that would benefit the country plus globally. It's apparent that the people of this Nation is demanding "change" as well as seeking a viable conduit to achieve it via their wave of support for Mr. Obama. There's no doubt that his charisma factor, oratory and fresh appeal have been instrumental in his outreach to those who feel disenfranchised or disconnected. Each candidate unilaterally has a laundry list of accomplishments, connections, voting records, and passions for the American people. Mrs. Clinton has again demonstrated "true grit" meanwhile, being deconstructed daily from head to toe. I believe that she deserves an ovation for keeping her eye on the prize of the presidency, despite the inevitable, that the brass ring of the nomination might out of her reach. Yet, no matter who ascends to the oval office. The Picasso wreckage of the last eight years will take the next chief executive much time to resolve. Ladies and gentlemen, let's be honest. There is no magic wand to be waved or a Cinderella moment that will be created by either Obama, Clinton or McCain that will result in quickly changing my life or your life in any real time. Democracy is a strange animal and history has taught us that the process takes many twist and turns. This year's cycle is certainly one for the history books, however there will only be "one" left standing at the end of the day. Then it's onward to the thunder dome of the general election later this year. Will we be ready...let's hope so.

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