Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fast Track Tuesday

I don't have the valued Presidential E-mail address for his super duper Inspector Gadget Blackberry but I do have updates, links, commentary, video, podcast and so much more for the rainbow community and beyond. Are you ready? Here's your fast pass to a Fast Track Tuesday on COP:24/7....

Updating the BAD: What a day a difference makes. On yesterday I posted that this Saturday is Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and was denoting what was happening in our neck of the woods. Viola, the info came swiftly and direct. The BlackAIDS website had listed activities for this area, yet when I hit some of the links "no info." However, hot on my heels some folks were busy behind the scenes and got stuff in place. Here's that activated link to Get Educated! Get Tested! Get Involved! Get Treated!
A big thanks to W. Rhodes, for the hook up and the hard work of putting it together for the POZ community at large and other stakeholders.

Open Corral: If you've been reading this forum, I've posted items concerning various dust up's and administrative changes at DSRA. The organization has had a long and winding trail during it's existence, often misunderstood and sometimes on the brink of self implosion. In a apparent public relations move, Diamond State Rodeo Association will host a Open House, 2.8.09 at it's clubhouse on Hoffman Road. The circulated e-blast states that the group has a desire to meet and greet with other local organizations. To my knowledge this is a first time endeavor for this group which in my opinion has been suffering an overall image problem for some time. Recently I posted a item where a former member made bold allegations concerning nefarious activities at the clubhouse and the direction of the organization. From my vantage point I'm some what conflicted about the situation. On one hand I understand the premise that DSRA "rents" out it's facilities to other groups for their agendas. Obviously the powers that be have decided that this cash infusion method serves their bottom line although it's financial Faustian bargain at best. Especially since as a charitable entity offering contributions derived from those sources too other uninformed receptors that may have difficulties with it's origins. Let's not forget that in today's world, "perception" is the name of the game. Every body's Moma has said it, "be mindful of the company you keep." On the other hand, I'm a die heart proponent of discovering and developing multiple funding streams that allow organizations the necessary flexibility to operate. But all this can't happen if those involved are mired in taking the easy route, burned out or in need of capacity building skills. Perhaps this open door format may render access to more energy and outreach. If my schedule allows, I'll check in to check out who shows up and who doesn't. Meanwhile readers be sure to check back for the details...
Christian Guns: Just when you think that maybe, just maybe we could come off the national radar as a regressed land mass with anti gay measures all around. Now enter the debate for gun packing Christians who was to bear arms in the house of the Lord. Holy Smith and Wesson! I'm lacking the understanding as to why those with concealed permits feels so inclined to take their magnums to the church house just in case there is trouble on the mount. I agree that's been a scattering of incidents but I don't think that parishioners in the pews need to be locked and loaded lying in wait to the next criminal element. I'll be watching the Arkansas Legislature and all those involved on this one. AMEN.

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