Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Matters of the Heart

It's heart week in the land and I discovered this item which got my attention since I'm in the throws of dealing with confusion in paradise. As usual my disclaimer is in ful effect which means that I'm not endorsing the website mypartner. com. Partially due to te fact that I'm not actually comfortable with all this cyber dating stuff or meeting persons who list themselves as "all that" only to uncover that they are not really about nothing much. It's important to be careful when putting yourself out their on the net with hopes of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. It's a crap shoot that just may give you more crap than you may need. Furthermore, I was a bit off put with all the graphics on this site which portrayed those possible matches as "beautiful people which lacked diversity." In my world this is not a realistic, since I believe that men & women of all colors are possibilities for a love connection. If you are so inclined, check out for this unique experience. All this week this forum is being dedicated to matters of the heart. I've heard from many of you who are either "bitter, party of one," lovelorn in waiting or "always a bride's maid and never a bride." Finding that special some one and then keeping them is a real mother. Trust me, I've got lot's of experience including the heartache to go with it. Got a story? Are you having a Black Valentine Day? Been done wrong or doing someone wrong? Then Let's hear about it!....

The gay dating service issued this press release today:
As the nation’s economic news worsens, and Valentine’s Day approaches, many gay men in America are re-assessing the value of true love in their lives.
“We’ve been hearing from our clients across the country that the recession has helped them re-prioritize,” said Patrick Perrine, a professional private matchmaker for gay men, and the founder and CEO of the gay dating service myPartner. “Suddenly it’s clearer to everyone that material things can be temporary, but finding the love of your life is priceless.”
This will be the first Valentine’s Day since the passage of Proposition 8 in California last November. Many expect the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to be more attuned to the ideas of love and marriage for that reason, and more inclined to view Valentine’s Day as both a personal, as well as a political, milestone.
Of course, this “research” is followed up by an offer for new members to join between Feb 1st and Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2009) and receive a free three-month Premium Membership (regularly $89.95 – coupon code LW4NM “Love Waits For No Man”) as a way to encourage gay men everywhere to find love.
Marketing ploy? Or do you really think the recession is helping gay men place a higher value on love? We know that booze sales are up because the economy is down. Are gays buying up love too?

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btc1959 said...

I've got to check this site out. I have done the "Yahoo Personels, Silver Daddies, ManHunt, LifeOut and a couple others to find nothing but 1 night hook ups. kinda makes you wonder.. Quality men are not easy to find on the web.. Granted we're not always searching for "quality men", but if you are it's like hitting the lottery.