Monday, February 02, 2009

Raging the Machine Onward 2.0

Ahhhh! February, the love month and so much more has descended upon us all. I've been in such a fast forward motion, that I even have had time to be "sick" even though I 've had the sniffles and all that goes with it for days. What can I say, I don't have time to be ill, because duty calls and I'm not about "wimping out." So, here it goes, with a doses of all things OTC. Let's roll!

o2.07.09: Black Life is Worth Saving is the theme for National Black HIV/ AIDS Awareness day 2009, this Saturday, Feb. 7. The national website cites Arkansas with a variety of planned activity and commemoration ranging from newspaper articles, vigils, forums and a forth coming mayoral proclamation being promoted by area organizations. To date, I don't know about any of you, but I haven't seen nor heard one quip of info on all these reported statewide activities. Especially since this is all to take place, say in "6" six days. So, as usual I went on the hunt for more updates. On the site, I started checking some of the contacts links, such as Little Rock Black Pride which states that it will be offering radio broadcasts/PSA's, community health fair, newspaper articles and such. Sounded impressive, challenging and another bold schedule for this group considering that "iffy" 2008 Black Pride Week mash up. Therefore, when I went to their linked site, I found "ancient content" with absolutely on mention of such planned activity. Say What? Of course, as I've stated before, staying current with those updates and being "on point" with freshness is a task. I should know, since it's our calling card as Arkansas only daily updating info portal. Meanwhile, ACPG( Arkansas Community Planning Group) also has slated a press conference, testing, and newspaper articles. Yet the link sends one to their universal Ark. gov page which is stocked with lots of info, but not actually designated to the awareness day activities. Make of it what you may, but perhaps these groups will pull rabbits out of the hat by Saturday. As I've learned, putting together activities in this town can be worst than wearing a tight pair of gator pumps. So, with all that said are you wondering what this site goings to do for BAD ( Black AIDS Day), stay tuned...

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