Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taking it to the Streets Tuesday

February is always a jam packed month of activities, programs, holidays, observations, pageants and items thrown in just for affect. Boy, it seems like everyone and anyone wants to do something in this month. Talk about social overload butted with trying to do your 9 to 5 on top of all this going on plus putting out Arkansas' only daily updating LGBT blog site can be a dizzying experience. But some how I get it all done with gusto and moxie to boot! A good friend of mine remarks, " I just don't see how you do it, but I wouldn't expect any less from ya..." I suspect that all this power surges from that central "chakra" thingy mentioned by many of those self help books that I browse through. Ultimately, I use all my resources from every once of my being to keep my self upright in a forward motion, meanwhile commanding the positive forces of nature to feed me as I soar daily through my commitments. If you are not feeling your best today, then re-group and know that you can be a better "you" tomorrow. Say these words, "looking good and feeling gorgeous!" Continue to join us here as we "open our minds in 09!" Now let's get cracking!!!!
Northshore News: Speaking of activities, I didn't get a chance to see the actual POI dancing, but I did get a chance to speak with the POI boy himself who gave me a sketchy description of what's this all about. Let's just call him "David" since he had me befuddled as I listened to his rambling job description as well as his availability for other personal services ranging from private parties to solo lap dances. However, later I got a better understanding from Loft Bartender, Hobba, and Phillip P. who made me understand what consist of POI dancing. It's actually something that I had seen many years ago that was done with "fans" but now done with glo sticks and sometimes fire. What can I say, everything old is new again. I gathered that it was a fun evening as "POI" boy did his number with semi-erotic style while showing off his best assets. Congrats go out to Ms. B and The Doc for the tying winning combinations in the Annual Chili Cook off held 2.15.09. I did blow through for this one, just as the results were being announced. Even though management "kept face" by declaring a tie, I tasted both offerings and in my best estimate, I believe that the chili in black pot (Doc's) was more robustly flavored and actually edged out the competition. Unfortunately, this event as I've remembered it use to have many participants, yet it seems that it's waned. It's ideas like this one that should be a time for the community to rally. Come on people, if we want variety, things to do, then get on out and do it! Don't forget, if we are not there for them, they may not be there for us. Think about it.

Lavender Media: While networking at the recent DSRA open house, I learned that there is movement in retro fitting a gay radio talk concept, entitled Under the Rainbow. KABF-FM (88.3) will broadcast the show after production details and slot placement have been finalized. Many years ago, the show Queer Frontier was produced on the station featuring music, interviews and announcements. The show ran for a couple of years with various host until it's demise. Under the Rainbow, is being promoted as a true "community forum" highlighting faith, POZ, soap boxers, politically active and allies. I've been approached about producing a segment on this new venture and if it gets off the ground, I'll oblige the offer. I'm not of shamelessly plugging this site as Arkansas' GLBTQ online destination. Take note, this venture will need sponsorships, donations, and underwriters to make it a success. So, if you are interested in underwriting my future segment or showing your pride for COP:24/7, I need to hear from you. Why not today!! Look for our Chip In widget coming this week!

CROWNS: You go guys, oh I mean "girls." It's pageant season again my pretties and all the boys who are the best girls are ready to parade in dresses. One of my favs, Diamond Rose will compete in Miss River Queen FFI this Friday, 9 p.m. at Club UBU. The pageant will be hosted by another of my favs, Gigi Galore, Miss Gay Arkansas FFI 2008 and a bevy of guest. Congrats go out to Charnay Cassidine, MGLR 09 and 1st Alt, Sasha H. Kudos to The Lady Champagne for her reign as MGLR and Stephanie Richards, MGAR 2009 for being exceptional role models in the field of impersonation. Next up, Miss Gay Hot Springs will roll out April 4, 2009 at Jesters and as the schedule evolves you can get it all here. Need a more and some pictures to go with it then, click it to: www.missgayarkansas.com

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