Friday, June 03, 2011

Diversity in Motion

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This timely film comes at a time when the politics and complexities of gender indentiy has fostered debates involving various levels including health care access to inclusion in Emploment Non-Discrimination Act. Two Spirited individuals have played a mystical and highly regarded place within Native American culture that bounces back hundreds of years. In this production, the filmakers explore the life and times of one such person, Fred Martinez and his untimely death which producers have termed as one of youngest hate crime victims in history. This production is scheduled for PBS's Independent Lens program, which is one of my personal favorites television alternatives within the boring TV landscape of realtiy shows, repeats and rejects. Check your local listings and share your thought with us. This forum supports Diversity in Motion and celebrates multi-culutral, multi-racial living and loving.

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Romo said...

CAR has this film and will be screening it soon...stay tuned for date and time!