Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Pride Bounce Wednesday

Let the pride week roll on!! If you haven't had a chance to check out any of the merry making and silliness, then you still have time. But as that keeps moving and shaking, COP 24/7 is always seeking an opportunity to infotain and educate the community. Enter this video from Wet Platinum Man, Antonio Martinez and Glen Baker, former Mr. Australia. I assume that's "Mr. Gay Australia," but that doesn't matter, its all about the demonstration that these two lookers perform. I found it quite interesting and just knew that many of you would too. Especially since many of you didn't mind dropping trousers last evening at a local venue's Underwear party. I didn't catch the winner's name, but notice that he made sure that his package was as prominent as possible in those tight blue briefs. Almost everyone got into the act and few others offered up a bit of ass slapping to add to the mix of naughtiness. In a slight awkward moment, I noticed that  a crew of same gender loving women showed up, only to be rather off put at the sight of so many butts and boxes gyrating in the room. They promptly left. However, the antics went none stop as it seems that not only do boys want to be boys, but they really like doing it their undies. Onward and upward...

LA Corp Acquires Space

Local HIV/AIDS entity, The Living Affected Corp has secured office space in the First Presbyterian Church on the north shore in North Little Rock. According to CEO, D. Levi, the space was seriously needed as the group needed a more centralized area to continue it's mission to promoting positive sexual and reproductive health in marginalized communities.The organization currently has The Plus Club which provides a safe space for HIV positive women, LACorp Publishing featured the novel, "The Set Up" by Carl J. addressing the stigma associated with being HIV positive, Gay and Black while dealing with both criminal and health care systems, and the group is acting as facilitator for Lucies Place, an ongoing project to secure shelter for homeless LGBT youth. This project is currently seeking contributions during its summer fund drive with a goal of $20,000. For more information on contact  LACorp is a 501c3 organization seeking tax deductible donations, in-kind gifts or grants. To learn more about their response to prevention from a holistic approach, check out their website at:  Stay locked and loaded to this forum for the latest on this organization and other area groups affecting change in our community and world.

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