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Oh those hot summer days, oh I meant, still spring days since we've not officially crossed the summer threshold according to the calendar. But, none of that really matters as we experience a heatwave preview with soaring temps toward the century mark. So take a breather, get hydrated and sit up and take notice to the latest from CorneliusOnpoint.

AETN Responds to Out in America not in Arkansas

Ask and you shall receive. We got the word from Arkansas Educational Television Network concerning our request for comment on the decision to not broadcast the "Out in America" documentary in Arkansas. It came via e-mail from Darbi Blencowe, Viewer Services Coordinator. But first if you are not up to speed on the situation let's review shall we. COP 24/7 posted a link to the documentary on Facebook citing it being shown during Gay Pride Month. As this forum began getting inquires about the exact date of broadcast, I went into research mode to discover the date only to uncover from a GLADD report that the program was being premiered in "selected major markets" but not Arkansas. Here's their response unedited or filtered:

Hi Cornelius,

Thank you for contacting AETN and bringing this program to our attention.
We are not conducting live fundraising events in June with any of the new
programs offered by PBS. The programs airing this week are from previous
pledge drives. If "Out in America" is scheduled for future fundraising
drives, we will be glad to notify you at this e-mail address.

We hope you continue to find television worth watching on AETN!
Darbi Blencowe
AETN Viewer Services Coordinator

Alright that's what the good folks at AETN had to say. Are you satisfied with this answer? Do you think that this is the "tippy toed" response that would be offered? Should this forum ask some more questions? You Palin Betcha!  According to the PBS ombudsman Michael Getler, each station is independent and can run whatever programming they wish, aside from programming distributed by PBS. Therefore AETN can choose to program Out in America anytime, not just during a pledge drive or Gay Pride Month. PBS provides member stations with over 100 hours of pledge programming to "choose" to air per paying dues to do so. Also there are other content sources from which they can select programming such as American Public Television or Executive Program Service.  It appears that this response is the old polite "thank you for bringing this to our attention," brush off. 
If you are regular viewer, you've seen those pledge drives with heavy hitters such as Suzy Orman who just happens to be gay, light up those phones with contributions. Ms.Orman has been reported to be one of the biggest fundraiser for PBS while pitching her personal finance products. While watching her, I've bought products and most likely many of you have as well. Seems there was no problem bring Ms. Suzy front and center to pitch for pledges. Meanwhile following the money, AETN is membership driven but primarily funded from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In fiscal year 2011 that federal appropriations is $430 Million Benjamin's of which about $215.2 Million gets sifted to member stations. All local donations are retained in their entirety by the local stations. Wouldn't it be bold of AETN to use this program to affirm their commitment to diversity and cultural competency, while asking for contributions.
Thank you my online source intellecutaltakeout.com for breaking it down for me as well as allowing me to drill even deeper on the subject. Believe it or not, the history of public broadcasting is quite interesting when you think about the amount of cash that flows within it's realm to serve the public. No wonder there's lots of noise about ceasing it's taxpayer funding. So, where does that federal funding derive from, well viola, that's me and YOU, from  those tax dollars that are not apart of your net pay. So in short order, "we" are the "public" that are to be served by these airwaves because we fund them. Is this a much ado about nothing, not hardly if you take time to really think about it.  Let me hear from you and don't hesitate to share your thoughts with AETN. Here's the links: info@aetn.org  or call them (501) 682-4198  Tell Executive Director, Allen Weatherly what you think about it at: aweatherly@aetn.org 

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Diedra said...

Cornelius, if I am not mistaken, AETN is another Arkansas state agency. This would mean that there money comes from the Feds and then is brought before the legislators for them to deem whatever is worthy of the money. The exact same situation as CDC money for AIDS. So if the legislators don't like money for the gay agenda concerning AIDS, why would you think that they will let AETN push the gay agenda for television?