Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer 2011 Raging Machine

And way we go to Summer 2011!! Are you ready for the heat? Got your sunblock? Snorkel? Thong? Whatever. Get your gear, stay cool, but don't you for a second forget about CorneliusOnpoint as we keep it the "sizzle" in our updates, videos, podcast and so much more. We're back, fast and furious as Arkansas' only daily updating blog site for the GLBTQ community and beyond! Now everybody into the COP pool...

The Bouncing O 2012

As campaign 2012 roars into our lives by this time next year, it seems that President Obama can not catch a break for any damn body. On the left he's got Hispanics wanting some immigration reform, blacks murmuring, progressives steamed about the war footing and various factions of the GLBTQ mash-up mad, bad and dangerous to know that only Don't Ask, Don't Tell of the holy trinity of DOMA and ENDA has come through the Congressional chop shop. Let's be clear, President Obama has been the most progressive occupier of the oval office in the last two decades. In case you don't know, and most likely you don't, Mr. Obama has made significant strides to address the GLBTQ community. He's name openly gay people to his staff such as Jeremy Bernard, Social Secretary and Special Assistant to the President and Amanda Simpson to the Commerce department as the first transgendered person appointed. The National Strategy on HIV & AIDS, Gay pride proclamations, dedicated website,( and addressing activist and advocates in numerous forums. All of this while dealing with the rest of the world and Michelle and two kids.  I for one, don't know where some GLBTQ folks get off thinking that somehow Mr. O was going to be able to accomplish "all things gay" in one term. I know that his evolving thoughts on marriage equality has many howling foul, but Obama has stated " we've got a lot of hard work that we still have to do, but we can already point to extraordinary progress that we have made.." and he has openly stated his struggles with the issue just as many other fair minded Americans have as well. Is Obama playing possum politics with the issue of marriage equality. Well sure. It's inevitable that he will have to ebb and flow in the toxic pool of U.S. politics, not matter how many lavender dollars flow into his cash stash. He's in the ultimate survival game where if you  play it smartly you get all the blue chips.  Meanwhile, the issue cauldron boils over from debt ceiling needs, major natural disasters, 3 yes count em 3 wars raging and a economy swirling like a top. I thought I had to multi-task to get all that must be done in a month! Lighten up people. I bet none of you get all that needs to be done in your personal lives as quickly as you would like or even should have. I hear often that I couldn't make that meeting because I have to much to do. Yeah, and you got to much to do. Try being the leader of the free world and being beholding to 300 Million plus people with issues. Both Mr. Obama and I are the same age, I think I'll let him stay in his big chair and I'll stay in my own. Bring it on, Obama 2012!  

From the We Stand Corrected File

We love hearing from you. Really we do. Especially when our savvy readers set us straight when this forum doesn't quite get it right. Case in point, in our Monday post,"AIDS in Arkansas" we cited that Dr. Kevin Fenton was in town during a recent meeting. Wrong-o! It seems that the info share with us incorrectly named Dr. Fenton, but who was actually present was Damon Humes of the National Minority AIDS Council leading the capacity building activities for the ADH. NMAC is an official contractor for  the CDC ( Center for Disease Control). Now that we've got that one out of the way, we were also corrected about two projects which share a common individual but are two separate efforts. The L.M Hamilton Youth Center which opens, July 1, 2011 is a distinct project of the Center for Artistic Revolution and a first of it's type for Arkansas. According to e-blast, the center is designed to allow youth a destination to hang out and safely congregate. Eventually the center will offer computer services, homework assistance and a GLBTQ library. If you need more info contact:  The other entity in question is Lucie's Place(also named for Lucille Marie Hamilton) which is a project of The Living Affected Corporation which is in its conceptual phase and fundraising drive to bring a GLBTQ homeless shelter to fruition in Little Rock. The targeted population for the home is 18-24 and will offer residents stable housing while receiving life skills, employment assistance and access to health care. Bi-weekly meetings are being planned to further map out its development amidst  a $20,000 summer fundraising drive. Contact organizers at or  CorneliusOnpoint encourages community members to engage these organizations or your favroite group in creating supportive environments for all in the GLBTQ community and beyond.

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