Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mid-Week Cyber Stream

This week in the non-stop news cycle has almost left me breathless. It's only Wednesday and everything that could be reported by mainstream media was reported, and reported and damn it reported again. I am usually sitting in my own ground zero blasting out my daily chores as either MSNBC, CNN or NPR rolls with the latest mash-ups, melt downs, mess-ups or thumps of folks rolling under the latest bus that they've been thrown under. Let's face it, we are not spared any detail or sorted affair of whatever is the next big news story. Even though this forum knows who it's core audience is, we always state that we go "beyond" those limits because what effects some of us, at sometime will ultimately touch all of us. I can't be left out of the national mayhem while keeping all things local on our radar. Let's go in....

Weiner gets no Oscar

The scene was set on Monday afternoon with a called press conference that was being announced as I was working from no less than two computers. I wasn't particularly paying attention until I heard the voice of Anthony Weiner (D-NY) began his foray into the mea culpa club. Cue the violins. An obviously remorseful because I've been caught Weiner unveiled his guarded secret that he got caught up in a tech frenzy by "sexting" and texting his phallic thoughts galore. There he was, solemn, tearful, shaken and determined to do some "splanin" about how stupid he was to think that his escapades were just going go away quietly into the night. Not so Weiner. I was glued to the TV to watch this latest car crash, no rubbernecking, no sir, it was must see TV as this policy maker took a licking like an Egyptian slave but kept on ticking out the list of folks who was on the "I'm sorry list." Was I surprised, not hardly because from the onset of the story of the "hacked" social media account story sounded a bit fishy. Especially when asked he spewed kooky verbiage using lots of doublespeak and empty sentences that made me wonder what's going here? Now we all know that the good representative was  a freshly married "hot boy" who thought he could get his digital jollies without being found out. Amazing. Even more amazing is the cat calls for his resignation from the pious who sit in judgement while looking the other way on the behavior of others who have come this way. Note to Weiner: Enough already with the apology tour. Make an appointment with a therapist. Deal with the ethics investigation that's been called for. Prepare for that ass kicking from the new wife and your father-in-law. And finally, focus on the work you were sent to Congress to do instead of trying to be a babe magnet. In the meantime, someone check the Capitol Hill grill, this weiner may be cooked. Ouch.

Obama-Rama Oh My!

Can President Obama catch a break on anything? It doesn't look like it this week or any week for that matter. A few weeks ago, Princeton Professor Cornel West took the President to task by outright calling him no less than  a " Black mascot of the Wall Street Oligarchs and black puppet of corporate plutocrats," If that firebomb wasn't enough, he continued his verbal assault or in his words critique of the lack of progressive policies that don't uplift the poor and squarely blamed Obama as in simple words talking the talk but not walking the walk. To add to the pile on, there's Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney who in his bid announcement said that the administration was a complete failure. Apparently according to Romney, Obama has been sleep at the wheel for the last two years and the country has gone to hell in a hand basket. I beg to differ Mr. Romney, I believe that President Obama has given it a go despite all that was waiting for him when he arrived to the office. Can we say  three wars, Wall Street shake downs and businesses hoarding cash but not hiring. It's been a hell of a two years tryin to pull this country out the economic ditch and I'm not sure anyone else would have done better. Then we have all the "talking heads" from the Morning Joe wrecking crew to those talk radio pundits who have heaped every ailment known to man on Obama. Unfortunately it seems that the President is responsible for everything including those Sun Spots that supposedly disrupted GPS signals and phone service. Who knew that one man had such immense power! In my opinion surely there's lots of blame to go around on all of this. Hey how about that partisan politics that's going on, what about those monied lobbyist who wrangle bills for the interest of their clients and not to mention other politicos that work the system. In my estimation, there's a whole lot of BS that's taking place and its not all about the big "O."  

Gay Pride in the City

I got a text message from a concerned community individual who wanted to know, "what's happen to Little Rock's Gay Pride events and why is there no parade?" Thanks for asking. As a former Pride chairperson, this city has had "hate/love" relationship with this event over the years. It's taken place in area parks including Kanis and Allsopp, parking lot of the Discovery Complex and of course within the various bars. Committees and Organizations have come and gone who took the helm to produce a week of activities, however, through it all it's always been about funding, funding and funding. Yes it takes money to produce anything and groups around the country have been suffering from deficits when trying to keep putting on anything gay pride related. If you have the money and that's a big "if," then there's the necessary structure, solid leadership, and die heart volunteers who will be there from start till the endgame. Each year was a marginal success, but never built the momentum to create a designated organization that would be capable of sustaining over the years. Therefore, as time passed  we've had a hodge podge of outings with some being more produced more than others such as the Rivermarket event to 2009's Pride in the Park supported by this forum and arranged by a mix of local groups and individuals. As for parades, there have been caravans during bar crawls, no substitute for an actual parade but it has been done. Also, there was a mini-parade through the Discovery parking lot one year that attempted to meet the need. Ultimately, it's up to people to determine if we truly have a "community" which is willing to put their dollars in play and make it happen without attitude extremes and personality conflicts. What say you "community,?" What you gonna do? It's either step up or stay on the porch of dreams.  Share your thoughts with us here, if you dare... 

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