Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can We talk!...A 2011 Throwdown Thursday

It's almost just to much. The 24 hour news cycle is in overdrive and this forum is taking our tag line as "Arkansas' only daily updating blog site for the GLBTQ community and beyond," totally serious. Even though many of this week's postings have been pride filled, there's so much on the table that just can't be left out of this information loop. Are you ready, then let's go get em...

Wienergate Implodes

It had to happen. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-HY)  had to go after his revelations of deceit, lies and sexting that has sent his once promising career into the "weren't you somebody at one time" tank. The hoots and hollar's from his colleagues and then the ultimate shot caller, President Obama, weighed in and it was all over except today's resignation announcement. Personally, with all the tisk-tisk behavior that has gone on in Congress and let's not think it not still ongoing, why is Mr. W's exploits more explosive than anyone else. David Vitter's sex escapades with the oldest profession was dismissed and he was re-elected and John Ensign stuck around until he couldn't explain that $90,000 gift that his mom and dad bestowed on his adultery partner. Is this a double-standard? Well, Yes and NO. It's all about the timing, how the political stars have aligned and who will fit comfortable under the bus. Meanwhile,Weiner had to go because his colleagues are so busy with the people's work and didn't need additional distractions. Yeah Right, until the next little distraction comes along...and trust me, it will. Note to Mr. Weiner: there is life after Congress and most likely you will do just fine with a book deal, cable show or commentator. Everyting is possible in the land of the freee. But at this point just know that now you've really been punked. Game over.

Retail Gay Therapy skips Arkansas

In the last few weeks, there's been much talk and backtalk about Old Navy's partnership with the It Gets Better Project on offeirng Pride 2011 T-shirts from their "Love Proudly" campaign. The shirts are designed to celebrate the annual June event and the project's efforts to call  attention to gay bullying in schools and communities. Sounds like a good idea doesn't it. Well it is, except it was revealed that only 26 of the more than 1000 plus Old Navy stores would have the item. However, as all good intentions somehow go awry, Old Navy got some tongue lashing from some "power queers" and decided not to have a public relations flare up. So, you can go to your local store and request a "charge-send" from another store to obtain the shirt. And NO, the shirts were not available in Arkansas. Whew! With all that said, It was unfortunate that there was no actual Pride 2011 shirt designed locally for purchase or maybe for gratis through a sponsorship. Is there no talent capable to come up with a great design and equally capable individuals to produce it?  This has taken place in the past but its more than apparent that everything connected to this event has been abdicated to the local venues. Not surprisingly because as this forum has reported previously, producing a pride this or that or anything GLBTQ focused takes Money, People and Leadership. It doesn't just happen for the sake of  have to make it happen. At this posting the shirts are a sellout in those participating stores and their facebook page is busting open with over demands for more shirts. They are available until June 30.   

GLBTQ Organizing in the City

Most of you just don't know how many meetings that I either I attend, suppose to attend, want to attend  and often miss attending because of various reasons. Earlier this week, I was attending a informational meeting for the Lucie's Place project which had gotten a good response from a well placed story in the Arkansas Times. As Q & A's begin to pop up, I heard numerous questions that caught my ear and senses but didn't get the best response I thought. Since this wasn't my spotlight, I didn't want to prolong the meeting (actually sometimes I hate meetings, but..) with a long explanation. But I felt that I could use my bully pulpit here to have my say. First up, "Why doesn't Little Rock have a GLBTQ organization?"  They are various entities in this city taking on many of the dilemmas that effect the GLBTQ community, even if they don't have the word "gay" in  their title they do exist. Here's a few: The Living Affected Corp, Center for Artistic Revolution, Arkansas HIV Community Advocates or Diamond State Rodeo Association.  Second question: "Why is there no gay newspaper or magazine in this city? It's been tried numerous times but one more time, here's your COP 24/7 economics lesson for the day: Idea (newspaper) needs advertisers, plus readership plus sponsors equal revenue to continue to produce idea. To sum that up, we live in a market based economy, if there's not a strong demonstrated need, then there's no investment "just because" its a good idea. This forum has realized this and made bold strides to fill the niche for the last 5 years while addressing the cost factor. During that time, no advertisers, groups, individuals or anyone has come forth to support this effort. Our posted Chip-In tip jar campaign went totally ignored and was suspended due to a lack of interest from the very community which pondered why there was no outlet. Only recently have we been supported by a benefactor whom believed that this forum was a worthy project and cajoled us back to the boards to keep bringing our brand of news, views and updates on what's really going on in this city and the world around us. Note to community: If you want this city to have "anything" you've got to put your money where it makes a difference. Not just lip service to complain about something that you don't plan to support or do anything about it. So what you gonna do...

From the we're not perfect file:
Our posting on the new office space for The LACorp group was missing the acutal physical address and we were updated on the facilities name as well. We stand corrected. You can discover their services in 1st Presbyterian of Agrenta at 401 North Maple in North Little Rock. For more info hit em up at:1.877.902-HIV or  Tell em you heard about it on COP 24/7!!


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