Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kicking Butt Wednesday

Wow its another Wednesday and its raining as if someone may need to check to make sure there's not another Noah's Ark being built out in the country somewhere. With all this rain, I can just see the grass and hedges growing right before my eyes. However, no matter the weather, its the daily turn of events that has COP 24/7 spinning in the "Big Chair!"  As we salute national "Kick Butt" day in reference to those individuals whom haven't kicked the nicotine monkey, this forum is going to continue kicking items around that we just can't make up nor would we want to for that matter. Ladies and Gentlemen, and all those who haven't decided, let's dive in for a kicking butt Wednesday posting...

No Justice- No Peace for Trayvorn

As the Trayvorn Martin case continues to unfold, I've become disgusted with the level of what appears to be incompetence of the Sanford Police Department and those charged with making sure the "system" works in Florida. Why George Zimmerman has not been arrested is just downright amazing and smacks of a double standard in that city. With protest, petitions, video's  and all manner of outcries from the local citizenry to the NAACCP's Ben Jealous, the slow response to apprehend and charge Zimmerman have still gone fulfilled. In solidarity of those who believe that this injustice can't be tolerated, COP 24/7 wanted to share the below video call to action for " A Million Hoodies March for Trayvorn."  I will be joining this action plus sharing my picture on their wall in commemoration the United Nations  International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Don't forget you mama told you that "you've got to stand for something or don't stand for nothing at all." Now what you gonna do?

Local Church Goes Positive

Positive Day: Second Presbyterian Church has supported people who are HIV positive for over 30 years through the work of their HIV Positive Care Team (previously known as the RAIN- Regional AIDS Interfaith Network - Care Team). The HIV Positive Care Team and the Pastoral Care Ministry is inviting the public to attend Positive Day on Sunday, March 25 at 5:30 p.m. in Second Hall. During this event attendees will learn, celebrate, appreciate, and fellowship together with our Care Partner and Care Team. As a centerpiece of the event, the authors of "Our Lives, Our Stories, The Untold Stories of Women with AIDS," will be among the featured guest. The publication produced by The Living Affected Corporation from its Plus Club program is the first such publication to tackle the subject of women and the myriad of issues surrounding the discovery and disclosure process experienced while linking to care providers. Autographed books will be available for purchase during the event and on the blogsite of the organization at  If ordered from the secured PayPal portal you can get free shipping!

Second Presbyterian Church is located on the corner of Cantrell and Pleasant Valley Drive
That is the closest intersection to I-430 and Cantrell. Take the "Cantrell Downtown" exit off I-430 and as you drive onto Cantrell you see the steeple of Second Presbyterian. Take Cantrell, then turn right onto Pleasant Valley and into the parking lot of Second Presbyterian.
From downtown, take any street over to Cantrell and drive all the way down Cantrell (past University, past Mississippi, and past Reservior Road, watch for the steeple of Second Presbyterian on the left. Turn left onto Pleasant Valley and into the parking lot of Second Presbyterian.)

Going Rouge: The Low Down on the DSRA Breakdown

Well it had to happen. Someone had to step forward and just spill the beans on exactly what the heck was going on with local community based organization Diamond State Rodeo Association and the emerging off shoot, Renegades for a Cause. And what a tale it is!!  It falls in my favorite category of "I can't make this stuff up." Actually, it's really a sad mix of mayhem, madness and messiness that not only makes one want to "grab at their pearls" but simply wonder "WTF." I'm not going to bother with the background because I'm not sure exactly where to begin. Ultimately at the center of this hot mess is dysfunction and the classic elements of a group on its way to either being a memory or overshaddowed by something more appealing without the dramatics. Nevertheless,  I told you a few post back that I would be seeking some details and now that I've read them, I've got to process just what I've read!! The emotions, lack of sensitivity, vulnerability and immaturity is just jaw dropping but oh so ripe for COP 24/7. So, as I wrap my senses around this rodeo "reality show" run amok, I'll clue you in this Friday if we have no other breaking news of more importance or lack of civility. You will not want to miss this or maybe you might. Keep it locked on COP 24/7, if you dare...

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