Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roaming Thursday

Talk about a power week! The keyboards have been smoking and the "Big Chair" spinning like a top. I decided to start tracking the time and effort taken to execute this platform and what I've learned has been truly eye opening. On average it takes about three hours to research if necessary, review, re-write, edit and re-think what needs to make the cut and then process any special features such as video's, podcast or images that may not be in our archives. Therefore putting out this forum isn't always about the fastest cut and paste" effort but rather a production that has a life of its own.

However, the time and treasure put into COP 24/7 is rewarded by the notes, feedback and comments shared by those who have bookmarked us, opt-in e-mail or follow us. According to Goggle Analyticals, COP 24/7 is being read "globally." No one was more surprised than myself as I've discovered that folks in France, Ireland, Great Britan, and some determined folks in the Ukraine are checking out COP 24/7. The power of this medium to reach far off destinations is totally amazing and sometimes a bit scary. Yet we roll on, seeking to be the best we can be for those who make the choice to check out our special brand of news, views and mash ups. Thanks to all who make COP 24/7 that guilty pleasure when you need to know what's really going on.

LR National Rises With New Moniker

They done done it now.  Little Rock's Airport Commission has voted to re-christen the local air departure point after Bill and Hillary Clinton. Anybody mad? I'm certainly not and think that tribute is appropriate despite all the negatives that folks spewed opposing reasons during the public response period of the meeting. Although I wasn't surprised at the level of dissing the Clinton's by some locals but if not for the Clinton's then who? Of course I grew up knowing the area as "Adam's Field" which was in reference to Captain George Geyer Adams who was killed in the line of duty in 1937. And for the most part in my early life, the "airport" was a place where I went to gaze at planes arriving and leaving. Only imagining if I would ever be lucky enough to be apart of the experience of the then "jet set." As I recall those days gone by, its amazing that now I frequently walk through the terminal bound for cities that as a youngster I never thought I would ever see. Not to mention that I would ever hear "Welcome to Little Rock" in French or Spanish over the public announcement system. The "teachable moment" for myself is to never stop believing and do what you can to make it happen. I personally believe that with the airports substantial plans to renovate and upgrade should include giving it a fresh re-brand. I'm totally civic minded and I want to see this city be as competitive and robust as any American city. The Clinton's have been apart of the world stage for decades and why should Little Rock attach itself to their mega-watt stardom and world appeal. Both Clinton's have blazed pathways that often intersects with many other events and charity works in this city. I find this good news as I begin the process of bidding for a the national convention of The National Association of Black and White Men Together,Inc next July 2013. This event will bring individuals from coast to coast, again allowing our host committee to pridefully showcase our home town. After all, if we don't care about our city, then why should anybody else. Congratulations to the Clinton's on this honor and hat's off the commission for the forward thinking to keep Little Rock on the move!

Pride in the City: Movements and Mash Up's

COP 24/7 has previously posted concerning issues surrounding the entity "Little Rock Black Pride," which was responsible for last years Black pride events held at various locations throughout the city. There were many moving parts involved with this entity including a variety of players ranging from the Arkansas Department of Health to other community based organizations such as the Center for Artistic Revolution. Since our last outing with this matter, COP 24/7 has discovered several interesting  movements.  We've confirmed through our sources that Stanley Rogers, founder and owner of LRBP has collected a reimbursement settlement from ADH. It appears that his "contract" with the firm was affirmed resulting in a payment in excess of $4,000.00  Coincidentally or not, this is close to the same amount that CAR's  R. Romo cited as the seed money that her organization fronted LRBP in order to proceed with their Black Gay Pride programming cloaked as a HIV/AIDS prevention and testing event. According to Romo, she had exhausted all efforts to recoup the funds and offered numerous scenarios to resolve the situation for which she stated was to be bound by a signed contract with Rogers. However, despite all her attempts to speak with Rogers, LRBP Board of Directors and ADH, nothing transpired except her frustration level.

In the meantime,  COP 24/7 has called for questions about this hot mess. So far we've got "crickets" or a  unclear explanation as to how such events or individuals are vetted. What's more interesting is the fact that LRBP has updated its Facebook platform with an announcement of Black Pride 2012. Including a "HIV/AIDS testing" component along with more unconfirmed activities and promises of "celebrities and other assorted star studded events." The optimal word is "promises" because as I've witnessed, usually much of what's promised is either under performing, poorly executed to never occurring. In a twist to this flim flam, it appears that Rogers usurped his board's authority and appointed an outfit entitled Global Rock Star Media Marketing Production as the "quasi-president" of the organization. Talk about running rough shod over the groups By-Laws?  COP 24/7 has determined that both Rogers and GRS Media are based in Dallas, Texas. Speaking of Dallas. It seems that Rogers was being pursued by the Dallas Pride folks but declined when he couldn't see his way to the top job of President. Notice to Dallas: "you'd better ask somebody before you involve youself with this joker." So what does all this mean? In my opinion, its unsettling to know that LRBP has made a mockery of HIV/AIDS testing events with all its "three card Monte" backroom deals, side shows and all manner of shenanigans. It appears that being a "testing event" has been the hook and crook of obtaining funding for the group since its apparent that it had no source of self generating revenues. Even though members of its "board" paid dues at one time, there were again accountability issues resulting in funds being depleted without explanation. Therefore, since ADH has cashed out LRBP, one would hope that they would wash their hands of this tainted entity that seems to operate in less than best business practices. Furthermore, can the HIV-Hep C Section actually point to any "measurable outcomes" for co-signing to this wreckage for the past few years. In closing let's use one of those favorite adages often heard around ADH, "when we know better, we do better." Well, I think that day has come as far as LRBP or has it.   

Arkansas' Paige Wins National Title

Local entertainer extrodinare, Whitney Paige is the new All-American Goddness At-Large 2012. She captured the title last week in Dayton, Ohio among a field of seven contestants with Mercedes taking the 1st alternate position. Paige also won both talent and evening gown competition before being crowned. The pageant begun in 2007 under the leadership of Scott Gonyaw and has grown incrementally since then. According to Paiges Facebook posting she is excited to be apart of All-American family and looks forward to traveling as its ambassdor of "beauty immortalized." COP 24/7 sends congrats to Paige on the win as well as her future contributions to the All-American system. You can see Paige in all her glory, Saturday nights at the Discovery Complex. Check their website for show times and schedules. Tell em COP 24/7 told ya!

Correction Please!

In yesterday's post, COP 24/7 had a "oops" moment. The correct e-mail addy for The Living Affected Corporation is actually:   Thank you intreped readers who want to make sure that we get it right or make it right. If you see info that warrants a corrective notice, then hit us up in our comment section. If you got breaking news, updates, observatoins, opinions or rants, then make sure that you share it with us first.


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