Monday, March 05, 2012

The Vagina Monoluges 2012

The news cycles have been in overload since last week as the height of rhetoric, bravado, chutzpah, over the top of outcries and down right disrespectful verbiage that actually left myself stunned. Let's just say that the First Amendment right to free speech has become an open faucet of all types of "back talk" that seems to have no end and maybe no boundaries. Although we love free speech in this country, sometimes the "cringe factor" blurs lines of not only good taste but outright personal attacks.
Especially when GOP Candidate Santorium spews such bombastic dogma in which he alludes to President Obama as an entitlement "drug pusher," not to mention that Santorium quipped that Mr. Obama was a "snob" for wanting individuals to become better educated through college. Was that really called for since its a fact that additiona education is most benefical for the entire nation. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh again goes off the radar with his lashing out at a law student with the double slur of "Slut" and prostitute in reference to her testimony concerning contraceptive devices being covered by insurance. Such mean spirited tongue wagging is nothing new, it just seems that the shrill and nasty tone of all it is getting worse. Yet despite it all, we solider on in the land of free speech and opinions galore. Of course as the adage goes, "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen," and COP 24/7 is no stranger to the heat but certainly tries to keep it civil at least. Now let's go to work..

Limbaugh Needs to be Beheaded

Again Rush Limbaugh has taken his wildly successful platform to the next level of the insidious abyss with his recent comments concerning Ms. Sandra Flukes compelling testimony before a congressional committee in regards to contraception being covered by insurance. Limbaugh who has since offered his lackluster "mea culpa" citing that his "poor choice of words," and his feeble attempt to find something "funny" in barking that Ms. Fluke was a "slut and prostitute." This tone and loathsome approach to civil discourse is nothing new for the talk show host/entertainer. In the past he's gone on and on about just about everyone and everything despite his own multiple failed marriages and reported drug abuse. As the top conservative talk show on the air and chief funding stream at Premier Networks he's run rough neck and out of control while garnering a $50 Million dollar pay day to boot. What troubles me is why do people tune in to listen to such madness and loose cannon bullshit on a daily basis. Also that many in the GOP camp have been slow to repond to his posion but Senator John McCain did express his disapproval with others chinming is after the fact.  Apparently at least 8 advertisers have decided that it was "too hot in that kitchen" and have pulled their support for the show. Hopefully the public outrage at this type of personal attack will scale up more social networking petitions to oust Limbaugh from his ugly radio roost for good. If you are interested in taking this joker off the air then consider one the online petitions to share your disgust along with about 50,000 other folks. COP 24/7 supports free speech but not hate speech. Share your thoughts with us or on this Credo Action link:

The ADH Grab bag and More!

COP 24/7 is always interested in the latest from one of our favorite state agencies and its 'As The HIV-Section Turns,"docudrama that keeps us in a MaCauley Caulkin face slap on a daily basis. When we last checked in on this story, the brouhaha over the Arkansas Community Planning Group purchase of a local resource guide "Our Lives, Our Stories" had been basically resolved. However, since that time an additional hiccup concerning the distribution of the book purchased to dissiminated among community based organization or otherwise didn't actually have a plan of action. Hence confusion and more perceptions of dysfunction became fodder more conversation from interested parties who simply wanted basic answers to "how to get some copies of the book."  Subsequently those interested in the books were perplexed at the process or lack thereof of how to access the publication. But all was not lost as last week an e-mail was circulated that offered some minimal guidelines for the distribution with hopeful positive results. Meanwhile, as the next "HIV awareness day" approaches, according to the ADH Facebook page, yet another "educational concert" is planned for National Women's and Girls HIV Awareness Day (featuring Gospel singer Jessica Reedy) on Tuesday, March 6, at 6 p.m. at First Baptist Church in North Little Rock. Under the sponsorship of ADH, Arkansas Minority Health Comission and ARCare this outing in another outreach effort that this forum has pondered... Is this a modified "DEBI" ( Diffusion of Effective Behavorial Intrevention) that is suppose to be used by community based organizations? (   How does one gauge the outcomes of such an event? Is it attendance, materials circulated or indivudals tested?  Since this appraoch has been taken several times where is the "evidence" that all this good singing is making an impact to any of the targeted population? Furthermore, exactly who decides what up and coming talent will be used for the next "awareness educational" concert?  So many questions with so many possible answers as we continue to try to understand As the HIV Section Turns.  Stay tuned...

Statement by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the Blunt Amendment

Earlier this month, the Department of Health and Human Services reported that over 20 million American women in private health insurance plans have already gained access to at least one free preventive service because of the health care law. Without financial barriers like co-pays and deductibles, women are better able to access potentially life-saving services, and cancers are caught earlier, chronic diseases are managed and hospitalizations are prevented.

A proposal being considered in the Senate that was considered last week would allow employers that have no religious affiliation to exclude coverage of any health service, no matter how important, in the health plan they offer to their workers. This proposal isn't limited to contraception nor is it limited to any preventive service. Any employer could restrict access to any service they say they object to. This is dangerous and wrong. The Blunt Amendment although roubustly debated it was resoundly defeated .

The Obama administration believes that decisions about medical care should be made by a woman and her doctor, not a woman and her boss. We applaud the Senate's to rejection to this cynical attempt to roll back decades of progress in women’s health.

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